neyyah in islam
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neyyah in islam

15 Jul 2017

Intention in Learning Quran online

Intention (Neyyah) in Islam 

Neyyah, intention, is the most important part of all of the Muslims’ deeds. Before performing any of the obedience acts, Muslims should intend that his deed is for the sake of God. Learn Quran and Quran will teach you every good manner.

Seeking satisfaction of God

When praying in the presence of others, try to struggle to make your intention for God sake and not for any worldly advantage, and do not share your intention with any other people, and always say to yourself: Oh heart, this deed is for Allah sake and not for any of His creation. You can avoid this, by just concentrating on your Salah and taste the beauty of it, try to reflect every word you are saying in your Salah. Also when you start learning Quran, try to make your Intention (neyyah) just for Allah sake, either you are learning traditionally or online, try not to memorize just for show off. If you do any of the worships, remember that you are doing it for Allah sake, so if you do the prayer, the charity, the fast, the learning and memorizing of Quran or any of the righteous deeds for the sake of praising and flattering you, so this is considered shirk.


Quran Online

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Niyah meaning intention is the most important part of faith as a Muslim. Before the intention to act as a Muslim a muslim should have a good intention to worship Allah God alone and practice learning the Qur’an and the sunnah (way of his life) of the prophet peace be upon him. Definition of niyah is a conscious spiritual feeling of performing an act.

Neyyah in Islam Neyyah, intention, is the most important part of all of the Muslims’ deeds. Before performing any of the obedience acts, Muslims should intend that his deed is for the sake of God. Learn Quran and Quran will teach you every good manner. Definition of Neyyah intention Determined and will to do something that comes from within the soul or the intruder: (spirit, heart, mind) and the conscience until the implementation. A latent need for a specific purpose and purpose, lust or will, or desire to do something, with the postponement of the Nawala for reasons. The conscience and the master who controls the action, if he is sure of good work on it good, and vice versa. The spatial dimension to go to, taken from the act intended to go away, including: The people intended to house; The band, or separation, was often full of Arabic poetry in the (nuclei) separation between the loved ones, and in their standing on the ruins. Is the pre-worship and must be expressed by the first act and is considered a basis and conditions of how to perform the obligations, and accordingly it is a prophetic year confirmed, and is great because it is a reason to accept worship, despite any impairment in performance or nullification of worship if improved, if the intention is valid work All of it was acceptable, they are in each of: Prayer, the Almighty said: (see them kneel down prostrate please seek God and tenderness) [Fath: 29]. Fasting It is stated in the words of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him): “Whoever does not fast from the night does not have to fast for him.” Zakat (interpretation of the meaning): “And what you spend except seeking the face of Allah” [al-Baqarah: 272]. Hajj and ‘Umrah, the intention here is insults, which is the same as the Muslim, and the disclosure in word and deed on the grounds that the above acts of worship: preparing, seeking and making money, so that the Muslim finds himself in front of the house of God be after the intention of the Muslim to perform the duty, The intention of obedience and approach to God in finding the act of worship, “The four schools of the great imams (Maliki, Shafi’i, Hanbali, Hanafi) agreed that the intention of work conditional on the pre-worship.

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