The religion of peace

The religion of peace

The religion of peace


Islam is the last message revealed from God to his prophet Muhammad (PUH) after the two religions; Christianity, which was revealed to Jesus; and Judaism that was revealed to Moses. The whole of the three religions were revealed with just one message; Peace and submission to God. If you read or learn Quran, you will find that the three religions are mentioned there as previous messages and Muhammad is the messenger who was sent to complete the two messages.

The source of peace and perfection

Every Muslim needs to learn Quran, and he needs to learn about his religion, need to know that Islam is the religion of Peace, Mercy, and Compassion. When Muslims learn or read Quran and go beyond the meaning of the words, he would understand what Islam is, and the great message it has. When you learn Quran, you will know one of Allah names which is Al-Salam, which means The Source of Peace (and Perfection) / The Peace. Learner of the Quran will know that Allah is the most Beneficent, and most Merciful. In the meaning of the Hadith; Umar bin Al-Khattab (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: When some captives were brought to the prophet Muhammed (PUH), and there was a woman among them who was running, then she saw a child among the captives, she took him, hold him to her belly, and suckle him. Then the prophet (PUH) said to us, “Do you believe that this woman may throw her child in a fire” We answered, By Allah, no, she can’t throw him in a fire. Prophet (PUH) said: Allah is more merciful than this woman to her child. [Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

The bad effect of Media

Everyone wants to know anything about Islam, should go to the source of its information, which are the Quran and Sunnah. Read Quran and Sunnah if you want to know about Islam. Do not depend on Media. Media is the main source of every disaster that happens in this whole world. If the media wants to show someone, sect, a religion some group, or something as good; so people have to surrender and agree. If the media shows someone, sect, religion, some group, or something as bad, so people have to accept as true. Media put the stereotypes, and people have to believe in that kind of stereotypes. And yes that is what happens now with Islam, and that is what they are doing on media from racist speeches to provocations against Islam and Muslims. They make a stereotype and put Muslims in it, and they are calling on people to believe in that. They are calling Muslims terrorists because of some individuals’ actions, actually minority’s. They just highlight the violence actions that some minority do, while they do not even speak a word about what the majority of non-Muslims do toward Muslims around the whole world. They just do not remember what had happened in Iraq, Baghdad, and Afghanistan. Their media does not show them what is happening now in Burma, Syria, and Africa!! They do not know! Are Muslims the real terrorists? If they search to know the reasons behind these Muslims actions, actually minorities’, they’ll find that these violent actions are just reactions resulted from some injustice they’ve faced, or for political reasons; and they will find that they are some reason of that. In his debate, in the Oxford union debate on Islam, Mehdi Hassan said that the Professor Robert Pope who is a suicide bombing expert at the University of Chicago and the one who has studied 315 suicide bombing incidents up to date had concluded that the relation between suicide terrorism and Islamic fundamentalism is little. The reason behind the whole terrorism attacks are common even in Islamic or any religious world; all of the attacks are done to force the modern Democracies to draw back military forces the lands that the attackers considering their land, and that they rarely find religions the aim of these attacks, although the terrorists or the attackers use religions as tools that justify their violent actions.


God of Islam is the God of Mercy

When you read Quran, you will know that Islam is the religion of peace, and passion. Those who say that Islam is just a religion of violence and killing and the whole Muslims are terrorists set debates with Muslims to prove their point of view; they just use selective misinterpretations, and misquotations to prove their falsifications. In his presentation Mehdi Hassan said that Our God is the God of Mercy, and compassion. How can we and he, as he has said, follow religion which introduces our God to us as the God of war, a some kind of Greek God of wrath, as a God of hate and injustice! Islam is a 1400 year old global religion, followed by 1.6 billion people in every corner of the world, the quarter of humanity of all backgrounds, cultures, and race. They shed the light on the .001% of Muslim populations, but what about the other 99.99% of them?

In Khan’s translation of the Quran from surat Al-Maedah, verse 32, Allah says:”Because of that we have decreed upon the offspring of Israel, whoever kills a soul without a reason of killing or to spread mischief in land, it’s as he has killed the whole people, and whoever makes it a life it’s as if he gives life to the whole people.

And Allah says that His mercy includes everything.

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