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Based on the extraordinary teaching methods , I strongly recommend Al Azhar Quran Teaching. The teachers at Al Azhar Quran Teaching have bar far exceeded all of my expectations for my children's learning. In addition to the professional character of my sons' tutor , his personal interest in the boys’ progress is not only admirable; but also, motivates the boys to independently strive in their work.I have observed the unique abilities of my sons' teacher to work with different levels of learning in order to give my children the best learning experience possible. My gifted son is challenged to work to his highest capability and make difficult tasks seem simple to my son with learning difficulties. Another plus is the flexibility of classes fits my busy schedule perfectly and my sons' tutor was very punctual.


Bari Azeem, North Carolina ,USA




At all times, I have found the tutors at Al Azhar Quran teaching to be dependable, reliable, hard-working, honest,and courteous. My tutor, has worked hard with me on my Arabic and recitation of the Holy Quran skills. Al Azhar Quran Teaching fits all of the eligibility requirements to offer any student of any age an excellent opportunity to master the Arabic language and enhance their knowledge of Islam. I absolutely love the one on one classroom which made me feel comfortable and allowed me to work at my own pace.

Tracey Burger, Indiana, USA




I am writing to highly recommend Al Azhar Quran Teaching. My two sons have been making excellent strides in Quran recitation and Islamic studies. We have had the pleasure of witnessing our sons accomplish their goals, and it's a priceless feeling. Hesitant at first, not knowing how the children would react to the new form of teaching, we were blown away when my children enjoyed their new and talented teacher’s company. Always punctual, their teacher has shown great commitment and enthusiasm while teaching my sons. Al Azhar Quran Teaching makes every effort to communicate with us effectively and provides a friendly and very approachable atmosphere. Interaction with the tutors at Al Azhar Quran Teaching is always very polite and respectful. Al Azhar Quran Teachinglistens and deals with any requests by us as parents appropriately and has very good classroom management.

Mr. Rezwan Mughal, London,England



Not having any knowledge of the Arabic language, I was hesitant to try to learn and recite Quran. I can't believe the progress I have been making in a few shorts weeks. The teachers are very encouraging and helped me accomplish so much. Great feeling!

Jennifer Lester, Texas, USA.