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Ustaza Belal

12 Sep 2017

Ustaza Belal

My name is Belal I AM from Egypt ,I studied at Al-azhar ,and graduated from it's university in

Cairo from the faculty of law in year 2014 ,During college I worked as ateacher memorizing

Quran for students ,2015 was the year I had finished my military service and had granted

atraining course for teachers of egyption armed troops, this period of time I had been

working as ateacher of literacy for about ayear and thanks to Allah a lot learned reading and

writing on my hand from which who cannot do and they got the literacy certificate at the

end of the service ,and after I had finished mine in 2015 ,I have worked in the field of

teaching Arabic for non speakers of Arabic from january 2016 , atthis time Rouwq website I

got acertificate through it of passing the course of preparing Arabic languaage teachers for

non arabic people in presidency of the lecturer Dr/ Abd –Alrahman Al-fawzan the general

supervisor for this field in the university of Almalek sou'od .

In the year of graduating 2014 I got the Quran Esnad certificate from the way Hafs from

Asem and either I worked as Emam in anearby Masjed in my village .

I had studied many books from among them (Molkhas Qwqaed Allloghah alarabyyah for

fouad ne'ma & Alarabiyatu byna yadiek,Alnahwou Alkafy &Assarfulkafy ,Ketabulmadinah the

main Book Om Alqura university).


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