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Reading and learn Quran online

28 Aug 2016

Reading and learn Quran online

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Reading and learn Quran online


Teaching Quran Online(Quran reading ) : The Holy Quran is a glorified book, revealed to the prophet Mohamed (PUH) from Allah by Angel Gabriel to guide us to the right path, warn us, and inspire us. It’s a great bless from Allah for us to read or learn the Holy Quran. If learning and reading Quran is a bless from Allah, so what do you think about teaching it to others! Allah says in the Holy Quran “Read in the name of your Lord who created..”. Teaching Quran  to people is an honorable and noble job. If you teach anyone Quran even just a letter, you will get a great reward from Allah. But, you will get a greater reward from Allah when you teach Quran to kids, because when those kids grow up, they might teach it to other people. In fact, by teaching Quran to kids, you are participating in building up an Islamic decent generation, and the Holy Quran will be your intercessor in the Hereafter. We can find many authentic hadeeths of the prphet (PUH) about the merit of reading and learning Quran.

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Learning and reading Quran: Allah encourages Muslims to read Quran and learn it. He makes memorizing and reciting Quran so easy for those who really want to be guided by his words.  Reading Quran is a simple righteous deed you can do anywhere and anytime. You get many benefits from learning Quran; first one is: when reciting Quran, you are in the company with the noble and obedient Angels; second one: learning and reading Quran make you from the elite, from those Allah likes. The prophet Mohamed (PUH) said “The best of you are the ones who learn the Quran and teach it to others “. Nowadays it’s easy to learn Quran comfortably from your house, as you can learn it online, of course it is an easy way because it saves much time and you also can see your tutor Online while he is teaching, and it is exactly like if you are in a classroom.


How to learn quran online ?

Benefits of reading Quran and learn quran online  : There are great rewards you get when you read Quran even if you read just a letter from the Quran, the prophet Mohamed said: “Whoever read a letter from the book of Allah, he will get a reward, this reward can be multiplied by ten”. Moreover, Quran will be your intercessor in the Hereafter and it will be your guide to Paradise Insha’Allah. The prophet Mohamed said: “Whoever puts the Quran in front of him, it will lead him to paradise, and whoever puts it behind him, it will steer him to the Hellfire”. When we apply Quranic instructions to our life, our daily life will get better. Quran gives many and multiple solutions for our life issues.  For example, when you apply morals and instructions mentioned in the Quran with your family, your colleagues at work, and all people even Non-Muslims, your relations will go smoothly. Allah said “Surely, this Quran guides to what is most right.”

Learn Arabic Language: Actually, to learn how to recite Quran, you need to be aware of Arabic language and how to read Arabic words first. Arabic is an honorable language because the Holy Quran was revealed in Arabic. It is well known that the speech of the people of Paradise is Arabic, as the prophet told us. So the first step you have to do is to learn and perfect Arabic language, this can be reached by a good teacher. The easy and best way to do that is learning Arabic Online. You can enjoy your Online Arabic teaching at home. You will find learning Arabic Online is a little challenging at first, but with a good and helpful teacher who would help you reading, speaking, writing before him, learning Arabic Online will be so easy by time..

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