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online quran teaching : quran teaching and online arabic classes

5 Jan 2017

online quran teaching : quran teaching and online arabic classes

Online Quran teaching and online Arabic classes

Online Quran teaching and online Arabic classes


quran teaching and online arabic Looking for a more effective online learning experience?
Looking for an Arabic online class that best fits your needs?
At Al Azhar Quran Teaching, we offer effective online classes to fit everyone’s schedule for the ultimate online learning experience.
for all people around the world, all ages and all nationalities, you can now with Al Azhar Quran Teaching starting to learn words of Quran with arabic classes, this is the best way to begin learning arabic and Quran at the same time, teaching Quran online from your home easy and simple, you can get a group of courses with professional arabic tutors online..

Our tutors are experienced teachers of the Quran and Arabic language.   .They are highly qualified to give our students an excellent learning experience. Our teachers hold certification (Ijaza) from a recognized/ competent authority .Our teachers are carefully selected and continuously monitored in order to ensure our students’ needs are being fulfilled and only the words of Allah (SWT) through the Quran and of our Prophet Muhammed (SAWS) are being taught. We take great pride in the success of not only our students but our teachers, as well.

The classes are for anyone with a desire to learn Arabic from the Glorious Quran. From children who first discover the beauty of the Quran to older people who are starting on their path to spiritual maturity, as well as those who want to maintain and refresh their skills.

With the latest advancements in technology, we are allowed by the Grace of Allah(SWT) to teach students all across the globe eliminating the concerns of security, lack of qualified teachers, distance, or time constraints.

Register now and start learning with our online Quran teaching classes learn quran with tajweed .

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