Quran Teacher

Quran Teacher

Quran Teacher

Quran is the true word of Allah (SWT) that He revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) to be guidance for the whole of mankind till the Last Day. Those who recite the Noble Quran should receive its verses as if they hear them directly from Allah (SWT), and they should abide by the commands they learn. That’s why Quran teacher should be knowledgeable enough to explain the meanings of Quran to the learners while teaching them the appropriate recitation.  So, the Quran is not only a heavenly book we should learn, but it is a book of law and a complete and adequate constitution for whole Muslims.

Learning Quran for Beginners

Learning Quran is obligatory for all Muslims. They need to learn to recite its verses in their five prayers daily and to be committed to its commands and prohibitions during their lives. Those who intend to learn Quran should find a reliable institution to trust enough, or they can enroll themselves in any online courses which are dedicated for teaching the Noble Quran to Arabs and non-Arabs Muslims. Moreover, they should make sure that the Quran teacher is well qualified and efficient to teach the words of Allah. Quran teacher should also be authorized by obtaining Ijaza (permission given by scholars of Quran to Quran teachers so that they can teach Quran to others.)

Who is the Quran Teacher?

Quran teacher is like the shinning sun which enlightens the way for others and guides them on their way to Allah the Almighty. Quran teacher should be characterized by certain features to be successful and to be a role model for his/her students.

The Characteristics that Should Be in Quran Teacher


Quran teacher should have sincerity in the heart more than anyone else. The basic goal of Quran teacher should be to spread the Word of Allah (SWT) regardless of any worldly beneficial. His/her essential aim is to please Allah (SWT) and invite people to know Him through the Quran. When Quran teacher has a sincere heart, his sincerity attracts the hearts of learners towards him, and this makes his work much easier.

– Trust in Allah (SWT)   

Quran teacher should have deep trust in Allah (SWT) that all commands and laws mentioned in the Quran are from Allah the Almighty and are perfect for human beings. Quran teacher should implant this trust in the hearts of learners so that they feel proud of being Muslims and for learning the Words of Allah.


Piety is to fear Allah (SWT) in secret and in public and to abide by His commands. Quran teacher should be pious and watch Allah in everything he/she does. The manners, behavior, and words of Quran teacher should reflect the Quran he/she teaches. Thus, the Quran teacher presents a role model for his/her learners.


Quran teacher should be truthful in everything he says and does. He also should be truthful with his students because if he is not truthful, then he loses his faith as well as their trust.


The educational process is a hard and tiring mission, and it needs a strong will. Quran teacher should give the best role model in showing patience and forbearance.  He/ She should take Prophet Muhammad as a role model in showing great patience and forbearance while conveying the messages of Allah to his people. Thus, Quran teacher should be kind, compassionate and loving enough to be able to deal with the unwanted behavior of some his students.   

– Honesty

Quran teacher is the one who appreciates the value of knowledge and knows that no matter how much knowledge he/she gains, he/she always sees himself as a student seeking more knowledge. That is why Quran teacher should never feel too arrogant to say “I do not know” if he is asked about any issue. He should be honest in performing his job and should be well prepared for it. Quran teacher should also be honest not to waste the time of the learners and should help them make the best use of their times.

Love of the Profession

One of the important emotional characteristics of Quran teacher is the ability to show enthusiasm which motivates learners to recite the Quran well and memorize it. Quran teacher should reveal a love of the Noble Quran and how much pride it gives to those who teach and learn it.

– Broad-Mindedness and Reading

It is very important for Quran teacher to be broad-minded and to continue reading in many fields of knowledge. Quran teacher should also participate in educational and scientific conferences and seminars to develop his knowledge and expand his perception and deepen his views. Quran teacher should also have a wide knowledge of Tajweed, different recitations, exegesis of the Holy Quran and reasons why verses descended. It is also important to learn Quran online to know the fatwa and most current issues in society.

Knowledge of the Learner’s Nature

Learn Quran should be aware that each learner has certain abilities and preparation which are different from others. Quran teacher should be able to deal with each learner according to his/her abilities. He/she should also encourage good and unique students and help weak learners to improve gradually by giving them more self-confidence.















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