quran learning

quran learning

Quran Learning for Kids

Quran is the Muslims’ divine revelation and constitution for life. All true Muslims believe that the Noble Quran is a miraculous Book which is unaltered, flawless, eloquent and infallible with a unique rhythm and intact text.

Why should Muslim Kids learn Quran?

Quran learning for Kids is one of the duties of Muslims parents towards their children. Muslim kids represent the true wealth of the Muslim nation. They are the real treasure kept for the future; that is why we should do our best to raise them up according to the teachings of Islam.  Learning Quran for kids provides them with immense benefits mentally, sociology and psychologically.

Benefits of Learning Quran for Kids

– Quran learning for kids at an early age has it’s magnificent

Influence on the minds and personalities of Muslim kids. Learning the Holy Quran and reading it on a regular basis enriches and total vocabulary and enlightens the minds of kids. Learning Quran also helps kids develop mature characters and unique personalities.

– Learning Quran for kids makes them realize the striving and pursue all Messengers and Prophets to prove the truthful message of Allah to their people. The experiences of those Messengers and Prophets inspire Muslim kids and strengthen their faith.

– While learning the Holy Quran especially the verses talking about the creation of man, skies, earth, planets, animals and plants, kids’ minds enlarge to recognize different spheres of knowledge which helps kids decide their fields of interest to study in future.

– Learning the Holy Quran for kids, memorizing or reciting it on a regular basis with members of the same family will give a chance to kids to practice cooperative learning, and it also reinforces ties within the same family.

– Learning the Holy Quran for kids can enrich the kids’ classical Arabic language and improves their pronunciation of Arabic letters and sounds.

– Learning Quran for kids and memorizing it makes our kids surrounded by the great blessing of Allah and showered with His love and compassion.

– All Muslims kids should learn the Noble Quran because they have to recite verses from the Quran in their daily prayers. Reciting the Quran is also an act of worship for which Muslims are abundantly rewarded from Allah (SWT). “29 Those who recite God’s scripture, keep up the

prayer, give secretly and openly from what  

 forgiving, most appreciative.” (Quran, 35:29)

For all those previous factors, Muslim parents should help their kids learning the Holy Quran to get great reward from Allah in this life and the Hereafter.

Muslims living in Arab countries have no problem with learning Quran for kids as they can easily find Quran classes at any near Masjid. Kids also learn Quran at their schools. On the other hand, non-Arab Muslims and new reverts probably find learning Quran for kids is a bit challengeable.

How can non-Arab Muslim Kids learn Quran?

There are few good ways for non-Arab Muslim kids to learn the Noble Quran:

– They can join Quran classes in a near Masjid or Islamic center where they can learn Quran online and memorize the Noble Quran with well-qualified teachers.

– If it is not easy for Muslim kids to go virtual classes in a nearby Masjid, then they can enroll themselves in any of the websites which provide online Quran classes for kids. They can find very competent and well qualified Quran tutors who do their best to teach Quran to our kids.

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