Quran learning for children’s


Quran learning for children’s

Children,There is an increasing number of Muslims living in non-Muslim countries. It becomes challenging for them to find reliable sources for getting themselves and their children equipping with Quran knowledge and Islamic teachings.

With an immense vision and experienced teachers, we have introduced a course Quran learning for children’s. Our expertise Islamic knowledge has helped us in transforming our vision. Online courses are way too effective and demanding especially among young generation. Earlier reading Quran was not this easy. Our parents and grandparents took years in practice with full dedication. It was not this convenient and practical.

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People used to visit an institute where tutors, experienced people share all their knowledge of Qur’an and Islamic theology with students. In the same manner, here at Alazhar Quran, teaching helps to establish a one-on-one interactive session addressing students individually, irrespective of their age, gender, and ethnicity. We make sure that every student is a part of this wonderful spiritual learning. We try to engage our knowledge with technology and therefore a connection is establishinged where education ismaking through eBooks, video lectures and many more

Description of the course

Alazhar Quran Teaching is the first in offering a prestigious platform to learn Quran. What makes us different is the teaching method and flexible timing. We believe, real learning is accomplishing when the mind is free from the chaos of the world. The devotion and dedication towards Allah should always be the priority. The busy schedule of our growing ones doesn’t allow them to learn much. At the same time, the burden of academic and other courses makes their learning limited. What if in this busy schedule the beauty of Quran remains undiscovered by this new generation.

After considering the scenario we came up with this online course, Quran for children.  The primary focus of Quran learning for children’s is to make children learn about the holy Quran. Writing and reading are the two areas where children will making comfortable.  Increasing the Islamic learning has been our primary focus and the best time to learn this new teaching is the teenage, as during this phase human brain is the most receptive to learn new things and adopt new interests.

Learning and retaining

Learning and retaining are the two different sides of the same coin. Effective learning doesn’t ensure full retaining. Hence, to maximize the power of maintaining multiple efforts are mading by us such as visualization of paragraphs, sentences in the form of short movies and others. This helps the children to relate with their learning and remember the words and pronunciation using visual and audio effect.

It is not just enough to read the Quran. This course Quran learning for children’s is designed to make the recital of verses of Quran easy along with Tajweed, i.e., the rules which have to be following while reading. Improper reading of Quran or changing the actual words while reading is the common mistakes done by children. It is a religious duty to read Quran with Tajweed. If not read properly it can result in sin. Therefore learning should be of a quality and it is necessary to learn and read the Quran with Tajweed.

Children, Importance Of This Course

We have seen many times children’s get bored while reading or learning from old books and scriptures. It becomes monotonous, and they lack interest in learning. This results in irregularity in the process of learning. After that, leading to incomplete learning. Hence to minimize such complexities this online course Quran Learning for Children’s is designed.

Using adopting effective and innovative ways of learning Quran for Children’s is made interesting, and at the end, kids enjoy our learning’s. A follower of Allah must share the teachings and knowledge of Quran with our next generation. By this way, we can bring good faith towards our religion, and at the same time, Arabic teachings will gain popularity. And Allah always rewards for good actions performed.

The theme of the course

The Quran Learning for Children’s is designed to help kids develop the knowledge about Islamic religion and improve their thinking skills. Before they are mature, it becomes essential for them to know about the theory of our existence and power of the divine path. Quran Learning for Children helps them learn the recital of verses of Quran along with Tajweed.

 To know the great personalities and prophets of Muhammad. These are included in the learning of our course a course to prepare students to understand how to react during difficult times. And also helps them to indulge in good qualities, humanity, and equality in their soul. This online class has flexible timing and children can adjust their timing as per their schedule. Even classes can be conducting in front of their parents and parents are  knowing what their kids are learning and how is it going to help them in choosing the path of their life.

Who Can Take This Course?

The course of learning Quran for children’s is designing for;

  1. kids above the age of 5 years.
  2. who are studying/ staying in non-Arabic countries.
  3.  (females) Children belonging to a family who is not permitting to travel.
  4. who enrolled in more than one academic course and had a busy schedule.
  5. Children who cannot visit mosques or any Islamic training institutes.
  6. Parents willing to make their children learn in front of them can avail the benefit of such courses for their kids.
Goals and objective

The main aim of this teaching is to make children familiarize with the words and recitation of holy Quran. Our teaching will surely help your child at every stage of their life. Such teachings are beneficial and helpful at the same time to differentiate between the right paths and wrong ones. As a child, it is easy to understand the stories and phrases about the prophet Muhammad, the values of prophets, their culture, and the morals. And this Quran learning for children’s course is effective learning that helps to build the personality of a kid as an adult.

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