quran for kids

Quran for kids
“There is something important I wanted to discuss,” said my friend Sara, sounding a little worried. “What’s the matter?’’ I inquired. “Today, when I asked my son what He wants to become when He grows up, He replied Batman!” sighed Sara. “That’s good,” I exclaimed, trying to make her feel better. “But that’s not the answer I expected. I want him to become like the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) when he grows up”, responded Sara. “But my dear, how is it even possible when all that He watches is superhero cartoons? Why don’t you involve the Quran in his day-to-day activities?” I commented “The Quran! But how.. Isn’t Quran for adults?” Inquired Sara. “The Holy Quran is for people of all ages, especially children. With the help of latest technology, we can give the best exposure of Quran to our kids according to their age and understanding. There are numerous stories of our beloved prophets in the Quran, which can positively inspire our young kids. They can teach them the valuable lessons of love, kindness, honesty, patience, bravery, relying on Allah S.W.T. and worshipping him alone. This can satisfy their craving for hero-worship. Showing them the beauty of Allah S.W.T.’s creation will fill them with awe and amazement about their creator. Telling them about the various blessings in everyday life like good food, toys, nice clothes, etc. will inspire them to be grateful to Him. Playing the beautiful Quranic recitations fills our homes with tranquility and replaces the need for silly rhymes. This practice would also bring tremendous benefits in helping kids memorize the Quran as well, which is vital for their success in this life and the hereafter. Hence, educating our kids about the Quran will give them a sense of belonging and purpose. They can reap its numerous benefits as they grow up Insha’Allah.’’ “Wow mashallah! I never thought about it that way”, exclaimed a jubilated Sara. “My pleasure,” I smilingly replied.

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