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Quran classes  Every Muslim should know that telling the truth must be part of his character. Every Muslim must not tell a lie for any reason or any condition. Muslims should try to follow the prophet in his truthfulness as possible as they can. Muslim should

The source of good manners (Quran classes )

Quran is the source of all good manners and attitudes. You should help your children to learn the Quran in any way, and it’s easy to teach him Quran online because the Quran will teach him all of the good characteristics. If it’s difficult for you to send your child to an Islamic center or Masjid, or you are afraid of the bad changes of weather, or you are seeking a native Arabic speaking teacher; so do not miss the chance and let him learn Quran Online. Because online you will find all that you aspire.

Allah orders us to say the truth

When you read the Quran, you will find among its verses a lot of guidance words that evoke Muslims. The hadith prophet Muhammad (PUH) said: ” Hold on to the truth, for being truthful leads to righteousness, for truth, until he is written before Allah as very truthful (Siddiq).

The reward of the truthful people

The child should be taught that; those who always say the truth and never tell lies will enter paradise with the prophet (PUH). And those who tell lies will go to the hell except that Allah may forgive them. May Allah save all of the Muslims from the hellfire. Try to encourage your child to say the truth, not to scold him always not to lead him to lie on you.

Learn Quran classes Online


So you should know that Quran is the source of the whole good manners, join us in our online academy, Al-Azhar Quran teaching, and enroll your name, your child, and whomever you want to Quran classes with the very qualified and competent native Arabic speaking teacher.


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