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Learn the Arabic letters and alphabet

Learning the Arabic Alphabet letters with Al -Azhar Learning the alphabets of any language is the pass code to learning that language. Thus learning the Arabic alphabets is very important...
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now learn arabic online free

you want to learn Arabic online, read more.   We live in a world that is rapidly developed, as it’s being developed, we find lots of the traditional ways of...
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islamic studies Online

  Islamic studies Online Al-Azhar Quran teaching Learn Islamic studies: Islam is the only righteous and perfect religion in the world. Allah says in the Holy Quran: “This day I perfected your...
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Reading and learn Quran online

Reading  and learn Quran online register now   Teaching Quran Online(Quran reading): The Holy Quran is a glorified book, revealed to the prophet Mohamed (PUH) from Allah by Angel Gabriel...
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