online quran teaching

Online Quran Teaching

Quran mainly descended to free man from the darkness of illusions and false beliefs about their Creator; you know all of that in Online Quran Teaching.
To rectify the faith of the humans on earth and guide them to the straight path of their true God. It came to show them the purpose of their life on earth and their destination after death. Quran came to tell the Christians that their Creator cannot be a human and Jesus is a human. Learn that in Online Quran Teaching.
He was a prophet and one of the messengers of Allah who was not killed or crucified to expiate Adam’s sin, simply because Adam’s slip was forgiven long time ago, shortly after his descent on earth. Quran came to liberate man from the psychological terrorism and subjugation practiced by priests and kings, make that real in Online Quran Teaching. And to release humans’ potentials to work, construct the earth and be creative while fearing no one except Allah and wishing to please no one except Him.
Quran is a Miraculous Book
When we read Quran in the course of online Quran teaching whether, in Arabic or even any translation of its meanings, we feel astonished by the miraculous nature of that Holy Book. In Quran, the Almighty tells us about the phases of creating the embryo inside the womb, enjoy all of this in Online Quran Teaching. The creation of the universe, how the heavens and the earth were joined together as one unit of creation before the Almighty ripped them apart, and how He created every living thing from water: In Quran, we have been told about the creation of mountains as pegs to make the earth stable, how the moon is described as being made as light in the sky while the sun is described as a shinning radiance. Know all of that in the course of Online Quran Teaching. In Quran, the Creator tells us about the barrier He made between the salty water of seas and sweet underground water and water of rivers in what is scientifically called “saltwater-freshwater interface or transition”: “In Quran Allah, the Almighty tells us about the creation of human soul with the potentials of both evil and goodness. “7by the soul and how He formed it 8 and inspired it [to know] its rebellion and piety!” (Chapter 91, Verses, 7&8)

Ways of Teaching Quran to non-Arab Muslims by online Quran teaching :

Quran is the words of the Creator, the Holy Guidance that Allah the Almighty revealed to His last Prophet to be the divine constitution for all humanity until the end of the worldly life. Quran was revealed in Arabic, classical Arabic or (Fushaa). Since not all Muslims are Arabs who can easily read the Quran and understand its meanings with online Quran teaching, there has been a crucial need to teach Quran to non-Arab Muslims all over the world. There are some ways of teaching Quran:
– A traditional way of attending classes of teaching Quran and online Quran teaching in Islamic centers or schools
– Assigning a tutor of Quran to teach you Quran at your home.
– Resorting to self-learning via watching videos of teaching Quran on Youtube which cannot be very effective as it lacks interaction between Quran tutor and students.
– Or you can enroll yourself in one of the websites which provide learn Quran courses via well-qualified, competent and authenticated Quran teachers. All you need to start one of those online Quran teaching courses is to have good internet access, online meeting platform, desktop/laptop or a smartphone.

The Advantages of Online Quran Teaching:

– Online Quran teaching provides learners with comfort learning at home and saves their time, expenses and effort they exert while moving outside.
– Removing any geographical barriers as you can choose any convenient online Quran teaching course that suits your level.
– Online Quran Teaching is distinguished by appropriate pace which is suitable for all learners.
– Online Quran teaching courses enable you to choose the suitable timing according to your daily schedule. Learners have the right to choose between morning or night online Quran classes.
– Learners can also choose the most qualified and experienced Quran tutors who have Ijaza of teaching Quran to non Arab Muslims with different languages and dialects.
– Online Quran teaching courses are available for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.
– The classes of online Quran teaching courses can be held in groups or on an individual basis. You can choose the best for you.
– During online Quran teaching classes, learners from different cultures have the opportunity to meet and share experience and make good friendships.

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