Online Quran courses for kids and adults

Online Quran courses for kids and adults

The school for learning Quran in Dubai is quite famous for the high-quality teaching process and the faculty member, which includes Scholars from various parts of the world. But many people cannot afford to reach Dubai and learn more about the Quran. In case you can’t enter any offline class you do not have to be disappointed as there are many online Quran courses for kids and adults for which you can apply. In this article, let’s discuss the main beneficial points of these courses so that you can decide whether to enroll your name or not.

The theme of the course

Before getting enrolled in any kind, of course, you should first know precisely what you will get from it, The basic idea of the course should be very prominent in your mind.

●    First, you will be taught the way you can read Quran with basic Tajweed. Tajweed is the ground rule, which should be followed while going through the holy book Quran.

●    You will learn various letters in Arabic like consonants, short vowels or Harakat, long vowels or Huroof Muddah, soft vowels or Huroof Leenah and others.

●    To take the lessons, you should be knowledgeable about basic Arabic which will let you understand every class in more detail.

●    The teachers will help every student pronounce the words in their right form as it is essential to read a holy book without any errors.

Course description

In this section, we are going to discuss the structure of these online courses, so that you will be able to know how productive the classes can be and how you can save more of your time.

●    The first and foremost beneficial point about an online course is you can choose the time slot as per your schedule. Like in a school you do not have to adjust your schedule timing to get the classes.

●    The process of getting admission into one of Quran learning courses online is straightforward. You have to visit their website and fill in your details; the authorities will enroll your name and give you a registration number with which you can sign up for your classes.

●    There is no age limitation for Quran learning course, so you can enroll the name of your children to make them more aware about the teachings of the Quran.

●    Mostly there are no registration charges applicable for the enrollment process, and also the fees charged for the classes are low.

●    The faculty members of the course follow the method of step by step teaching, so the lessons will not give you any hard time. Even if you have any difficulty with the class, you can ask for a doubt clearing session, which is also free of cost.

Who can take this course?

As it has been said earlier there is no age limit applied for the enrollment process, anyone interested can approach and get admitted for the classes. Also with a global approach, these courses have made the classes accessible to everyone irrespective of any religious restrictions. It states that even if you are not coming from a Muslim background, you can still take up classes for your aesthetic thirst. However, it is true that if you are not able to devote at least one hour every day to take the class, you should not enroll yourself as the course demands a particular time from your schedule so that you can learn flawlessly.

More about the course

To make every student understand the underlying theme and structure of the class the faculty members conduct some free trial sessions.

The faculty members are very much well qualified and will be able to clear any doubt you have regarding the sessions. Also, you can approach for a doubt clearing session if you are confused with your classes or having any difficulty to take in the lessons.

In case you are not able to cope up with the online teaching process you can also get all the lessons in the form of a hard copy. You have to choose the option, and the hard copies will be delivered to you.

For children

It is universally established that if you learned something during your early years, then the lessons will be absorbed deep inside your mind. As these courses are both for adults and children, you can think about the option. For your children, you can choose the basic course, which will make them learn from the beginning.

As their mind is free from any contradictions, they will be able to learn and understand the sacred vows written in the holy book of Quran.

What does this course include?

In the classes, you will be taught every chapter from the book descriptively. The famous six prophets are described in various perspectives. In the language classes, they will make you more and more fluent with the ancient Arabic, which is the primary language to learn Quran.

There assessment programs which will help you to understand your development with the course and if you are not able to achieve your goal then you can give the test again. Talk to the respective teacher about your flaws, and he or she will discuss how to get rid of it.


These courses have an excellent approach towards the religion studies; the authorities are trying to make the Quran become a global subject irrespective of any religion barriers. So come and take admission in one of these courses and learn more and more about the Quran, which will help you to see your life in a different light. You do not have to worry about the fees because there are many free courses available for those who cannot afford. For more information search online, and you will get the necessary details available.

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