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Revert Course

10 Aug 2014

new muslims course

new muslims course

new muslims course Our teachers will help reverts to learn more about Islam and to answer any questions they might have. Our teachers will discuss how to make Dua and help students memorize important Dua’s. We will help them understand voluntary acts of worship such as Dhikr and Sadaqa. We also offer our students a comfortable environment to feel free to seek advice from our tutors on everyday issues such as engagement, marriage and how to adjust to our present day society. 

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  1. Maryam nur jane harper

    I’d love more information about the revert course. exactly what does it cover? I’m not totally ignorant, I just need someone to fill the blanks in my knowledge base.

    btw, your form will not allow me to insert capital letters. anywhere. including in my name. 🙁

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