memorize quran online

memorize quran online

memorize quran online Practical tips to memorize Quran

memorize quran online

Memorize Quran online is a dream of every Muslim/Muslimah that wishes to come true one day. Not only because of the reward Allah has promised to Quran memorizers but also memorizing Quran brings contentment to a Muslim’s heart, it proves his ability to achieve his goals and the determination to reach his target passing through hurdles that might inhibit his progress.

Quran is not a normal reading book, but of miraculous words, eloquent language, unique style, rhyming verses, rich in vocabulary, deep in meaning, one ayah could carry several meanings.

Quran was revealed in Arabic; Qoraish -tribe language, they were known by their native Arabic tongue and their eloquence in speech. Allah had made the Quran easy to memorize, Prophet Muhammad was keen to keep the Quran preserved in scripts and learned by heart. He tried to memorize Quran rapidly by moving his tongue, for fear he might lose a verse in the context or recite improperly, until Allah has assured that he will collect the verses, so Prophet Muhammad had to listen. Surah (75:16)

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) embarked upon writing down the Quran verses with the companions, verses were collected and arranged according to what Angel Gabriel has revised with Prophet Muhammad, once every year.

Not all of the companions have memorized the whole Quran during Prophet Muhammad lifetime; some memorize Quran entirely includes the four Caliphs, Zaid ibn Thabit, A.Rahman ibn Awaf, Ubayi ibn Kaab and others do partially.


Why memorize the Quran?

  • Memorizing Quran online in a Sunnah followed by all Muslim nations across generations.
  • Quran memorizer is protected from hellfire, Allah has promised not to torture a person who memorized the Quran.
  • Quran intercedes to the memorizer on judgment day, as he spent nights reading Quran deprived of sleep & rest.
  • The more verses a memorizer master, the higher rank in Jannah he will be, as narrated in the authentic hadeeth “Recite and Rise in Jannah as you used to recite in Dunya, your rank will be at the last verse you recite.”
  • Quran memorizers receive appreciation and gratitude from others; people view Qari’s as they are the closest level to Allah, the most pious, honest and sincere persons.
  • The one who memorizes Quran will be with the righteous honorable scribes and those who find it difficult to recite or memorize will have double reward.
  • The differentiation among people in leading prayers (Imam) goes firstly to the Quran Hafiz.
  • Quran memorization brings inner peace, self-satisfaction and serenity inside Muslim’s soul, makes him stay rigid and satisfied when facing life hardship or any calamities.
  • Quran enlightens Muslim’s life; guide him to the right path in Dunya, never go astray.
  • A Quran memorizer is gifted and blessed; he is the only one who feels the pleasure of memorizing Quran in night prayers.
  • For a memorizer of Quran to keep his hifz accurate and precise, he needs to recite and revise Quran frequently throughout the day, thus gaining more reward, ten times per Quran letter as mentioned in the hadeeth.
  • Quran memorizer could recite Quran anywhere, anytime not restricted to a place to sit-in or light source to view the Quran, as he has the Quran in his heart.

How to memorize the Quran?

  • Be honest and sincere; what is your motive in learning and memorizing the Quran, is it for mundane purposes or Allah’s sake?!
  • Keep on praying to Allah, to grant you the time and effort to memorize Quran and to facilitate learning and memorizing Quran, and to keep you steadfast on the right path.
  • Lessen your sins; the more sins you commit, the more hurdles you face in progressing in Quran learning and the less enthusiasm you will have to achieve learning, as a Muslim is deprived of performing good deeds because of his sins.
  • Follow with a Quran Academy or institution or private Quran tutor. You cannot adopt self-learning techniques when learning Quran; you should be supervised by a skillful tutor, who guides you in the learning process, corrects recitation, improves letters pronunciation and articulation points, gives a brief explanation of some verses and revises a portion of the already memorized verses on a timely schedule.
  • Use only one version of Quran, when reading or revising, the mind usually map what is regularly seeing, so when you keep one copy for revision and reciting, you will be aware of the verses and lines, the layout of the Quran page, this results in remembering the verses easily.
  • Try to keep yourself within a righteous company, as “birds flock together,” same with Quran readers, they support one another, encourages daily Quran revision, discussing Tafseer and Quran similar ayah together.
  •    Monitor Quran similar verses (analogies). Prepare a paper and pen when you start revising Quran, whenever you meet a common word or verse, mark it in your Quran or pin-it in your notebook. The effort exerted in finding similar ayah is worth and it is better than using a ready-made similarity book.
  • Best timing to memorize Quran is after Fajr prayers, bliss time. At the beginning of a new day, your mind is still clear, not loaded with family or work issues.
  • Learning tajweed rules helps in regulating the verses and benefits in marking between similar verses.
  • Always use a Tafseer book, next to you while reading Quran, you will never get the meaning, ponder in context or comprehend Allah’s purpose from the verses unless you understand the meaning of every word in the Quran.
  • Performing night prayers help in maintaining a Muslim’s soul, mind and heart near to Allah and his words, moreover feeling the sweetness of faith and the beauty of the prayers, so encourages a consistent praying Muslim revising Quran.

Memorize Quran Online


From the above, every parent should hasten to teach his kids Quran at a younger age, as kids’ mental abilities are eager to receive and save what has learned easily, also a pile of rewards went to the parents, and in addition memorizing Quran protects them and guides them throughout their lives to  learn Quran .

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