Learn the Arabic letters and alphabet

Learning the Arabic Alphabet letters with Al -Azhar

Learning the Arabic Alphabet letters with Al Azhar

Learning the alphabets of any language is the pass code to learning that language. Thus learning the Arabic alphabets is very important to learn the Arabic language for those who are interested in it, especially the Muslims. In Al-Azhar Quran teaching academy, we put a very comprehensive methodology for students to learn the alphabets Online, till they become able to read sentences and they at the end will have the ability to read Quran by themselves, and all of that will be Online.

The Arabic language is like any other language, to learn reading it; you need to learn how to read its alphabets correctly. Because the Arabic language has some different alphabets which are not found in other languages, so they have to be practiced well, to make it easy when start reading the Quran. For example when seeing the English language; we can see that it does not have the sounds of ( ح – خ – ظ – ع) and English speakers need more practicing on these letters. They also need to practice the letter (ر) a lot. In Arabic, we have a light (ر) and a heavy one, and these two kinds of (ر) need a great effort from the student or the non-Arabic speakers to learn them and the other letters properly. That what we do in Al-Azhar Quran teaching academy, we do our best to teach students and learners to read the words correctly and properly.

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So learning Arabic is like any other new language you want to learn. You need to listen more, to live in an Arabic environment, and practice as more as possible. That what the teachers of Al-Azhar Quran teaching do when teaching non-Arabic speakers. You will feel the Arabic environment because your teachers will be native Arabic speakers. Teachers do their best during the online class to teach the alphabets to the students. They try to repeat the letters until the students become familiar with them. They used a lot of means to involve the students in the environment of learning and to facilitate the process of learning. They make videos as a clarifying mean to the students.

In the beginning, students will learn the sound of the letters. When the student becomes familiar with the letters, a teacher will show him how to read the letters with the different movements, the different vowels, the doubled letters, and the doubled movements. When the student becomes competent to read the letters with its different shapes, so it will be easy to teach him how to read Quran with Tajweed. Tajweed is the rules that Muslim should apply while reading the Quran. By practicing and reading more with teacher Online, the student will become able to read Quran by himself. Muslim, who wants to learn Quran, can have this specific hadeeth as his motivation; Prophet Peace be upon him said: the most among you who are superior to the others are those who learn the Quran and teach it. So before learning, you should have a good intention and make it for Allah sake.

Those who are eager to learn Arabic Online, you can join Al-Azhar Quran teaching academy, and learn from native Arabic speaker teachers who can qualify you to read Quran, in a way that is as close as possible to the prophet’s way of reading.   
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