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Learning Quran with Tajweed

There is no questioning that Quran is the only holy book on earth that is completely the words of God. Allah the Almighty pledged to keep Quran safe from any distortion throughout ages.

Quran was mainly revealed to answer all man’s controversial questions about existence, the purpose of life and what is after death. It is not only a religious holy book for reciting and explaining Islamic rituals and acts of worship, but it is also a constitution of a perfect life for persons, families, and societies as well.

Why learning the Quran is essential for Muslims

The best translation of the Holy Quran can probably convey the accurate meaning of the Quranic verses, but it definitely cannot reach the amazing beauty of the Godly words. That is why learning Arabic is very important not only for a deep understanding of the Holy Quran but also to realize and enjoy the eloquent, infallible, flawless, miraculous and gorgeous Quran; the words of Allah. To feel that the unique beauty of the Holy Quran while reciting it creates a state of deep certainty that no one can ever say such miraculous words except Allah (SWT). Hence it establishes a strong connection between the Muslim’s heart and the Holy Quran; a connection between deep love and glorification.   

It’s is mandatory for all Muslims to learn the Noble Quran to be able to recite verses from it in obligatory daily prayers. Reciting the Noble Quran is a kind of acts of worship which a Muslim is rewarded abundantly for doing it on a regular basis.

Etiquettes of reading the Noble Quran

Religious scholars have compiled certain rules we should follow when reading the Noble Quran:

– We should be pure and perform ablution before reciting the Noble Quran.

– We should be facing Qiblah

– Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) used to use Siwak before all daily prayers

– We should also purify our minds and souls from any distractions while reading the Noble Quran and concentrate and ponder the Quranic verses and reflect on the divine messages.

– We should recite the Noble Quran at a slow pace and not to cut off recitation if it is not necessary.

– We should also perform sajadat attilawah (prostrations when verses order us to do while reciting the Quran)

– We should apply the rules of Tajweed while reciting the Holy Quran which is the most important thing that should be learned while learning the Quran.

Learning Tajweed

The meaning of Tajweed:

The word Tajweed means to do something in its perfect way. So the term Tajweed means to read the words of the Quran in the proper and accurate way every letter should be pronounced according to certain rules. So Tajweed is the set of rules determining the way in which the verses of the Quran are pronounced during its recitation.

Why should we learn Tajweed?  

Learning Tajweed is one of the noblest Quran sciences and those who learn Tajweed are rewarded abundantly from Allah the Almighty. Also, those who teach Tajweed to other Muslims are greatly appreciated by all Muslims and promised great reward from Allah SWT.  

Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) used to read the Noble Quran word by word and letter by letter applying elongation whenever required.

How can we learn Quran with Tajweed?

There are many ways of learning Quran with Tajweed. You can seek for traditional ways of learning Quran such as attending virtual Quran classes at a near masjid or Islamic center. You can also start self-learning by watching many videos on youtube which teach Quran with Tajweed. Some prefer to enroll themselves in any of online courses which provide classes to teach Quran with Tajweed.    

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