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learn quran for kids  

3 Nov 2018

learn quran for kids  


Learn Quran for kids  

learn quran for kids

learn quran for kids Childhood is considered from the most important age phases which children gone through and characterized by the child capacity and capability for learning many things such as Learn Quran for kids   and self- development so many people make their children memorize the Holy Quran and the Islamic religion rules by making them join the course of Learn Quran for kids   . Learning Quran for kids helps to build conscious generation capable of building the society according to the teachings of the Islamic religion.

The importance of Learn Quran for kids   

The importance of memorizing the Holy Quran in course of Learn Quran for kids   has a massive grace for Muslims especially the kids where it helps to open the child mind and direct it rightfully through knowing the meaning of the Holy Quran and its interpretation by Learn Quran for kids   as it helps in guiding the child to all the ways of good and make him away of falsehood ways as well as the Holy Quran other merits of position and high rank in the worldly life, you will understand all of that in learning quran for kids  and the Hereafter as the Quran will be an intercessor to his reader on the Day of Judgment all of that can be done by learning them the course of Learn Quran for kids.

Learning Quran for kids steps

Learning Quran for kids some steps should be followed regularly: setting a schedule three days for example every week to memorize the Holy Quran in a course of Learn Quran for kids where the child is ordered to memorize at least one chapter of the small chapters of the Holy Quran to facilitate the process of memorizing for him you can do it in a course of Learn Quran for kids. The process starts with reading the appointed chapter of memorizing to the child then interprets some of the meanings that is difficult for the child to understand and the child then is allowed to read by his own in a course of Learn Quran for kids so that he understands the words fully.

How can we memorize the holy quran in learn quran for kids  

The chapter is memorized through repeating every single verse more than one time until the verses are totally fixed in his mind in our course Learn Quran for kids then the child memorizes the chapter of the previous session and starts memorizing a new one. A session every two weeks in the course of Learn Quran for kids is preferred to be made to revise what has memorized during the previous sessions and the child must be encouraged to read the memorized chapters during his prayer that we trained them in our course Learn Quran for kids to fix the memorizing in his mind and be difficult for him to forget it you can join us now to make all of that as a reality in our course Learn Quran for kids.

At the beginning of learn quran for kids

In the beginning of learn quran for kids about this process the child attention must be drawn to memorize through some means like competitions for learning the Holy Quran for an award in addition to explaining the importance of learn quran for kids by memorizing the Holy Quran, the Book of Allah in an easy and simple way for the child by learn quran for kids to be conceived easily. Diversification in the used style betweenwhiles is required so that the child not get bored in our course learn Quran for kids. Making records to the child during reading the Quran which will make a motive for him to memorize better in every time he will find that in our course learn quran for kids. Participating of the child’s parents in memorizing the Quran is required to encourage the child to love the Quran, dividing the Quran into parts and distributing it for appointed time we do that in our course learn quran for kids  appropriately to the child and his abilities and instill the love of the Holy Quran in the child soul and making him feels that the relation with the Book of Allah is a worship and reward relation and teaching him the news of his likes by joining us in learn quran for kids and in his age who memorized the Quran. Enrolling the child in sessions of learning the Quran which is held in mosques or schools is a good factor as these courses such as learn quran for kids have a good effect in encouraging the children on the collective competition in memorizing the Holy Quran in learn quran for kids as it develops the ability of the child and save his energy and power to memorize the Quran in the lessons of learn quran for kids . The childhood is the vivacity, energy and giving phase and the child is its master and when is invested best, directed well and raised the complete Islamic upbringing by learning them the course of  learn quran for kids in all sides of his life then it will has the greatest effect in his breeding and nurture which is based on the love, reading and memorizing the Holy Quran in the course of learn quran for kids .

Importance of learn quran for kids

Raising the children on the Quran helps in building practicing and religion- Muslims and recognizing the religion instructions in an early age of their lives by teaching them the course of learn quran for kids and the Quran be a path. Explaining the stories of the Holy Quran and interpreting its meanings and words draw the children attention by learn quran for kids so directing them to love the Quran because most of the children are attracted to stories and affected by it, as a result, they will love and cling to the Quran. Learning Quran for kids is following what the Prophet’s path because the best thing the child is raised on in his childhood is the Holy Quran which is the right constituent and the solid tie, containing the stories of the followers and the successors, all of that in learn quran for kids “Falsehood cannot approach it from before it or from behind it, it is a revelation from a Lord who is Wise and Praiseworthy.” And whoever seeks glory without it he will go through falsehood we teach all of that in a course of learn quran for kids.

What Learn Quran for kids learn

Learn Quran for kids is a priority in breeding and a significant step of this religion through which he can learn the love of his Lord, entertains with his verses and fix in his heart the values of Islam since he is too young by learn quran for kids to lighten his heart with wisdom and goodness and throw away the falsehood, sins and all that is against the Islamic nature. The Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said, “If anyone recites the Quran and acts according its content, on the Day of Judgment his parents will be given a crown to wear whose light is better than the light of the sun in the dwellings of this world if it were among you. So what do you think of him who acts upon it.

Hadith kudsi about Learn Quran for kids

“And in the Qudsi hadith Allah says about the importance of learning the Quran and reciting it, the Messenger of Allah said, “The Lord, Blessed and Most High said,” Whoever is too busy with the Quran for remembering and asking me, then I shall give him more than what I give to those who ask.” And the virtue of Allah speech over the speech of others is like the virtue of Allah over his creation.

Learn Quran for kids and the Arabic language

“Learn Quran for kids make the children learn the Arabic language very well making them more capable of anyone to speak fluently and appropriately in Learn Quran for kids especially that the Quran is considered the first Book contributing in protecting the Arabic language from extinction and adding to it and raising the child among good people away from bad places and societies. Memorizing the Holy Quran in Learn Quran for kids has a great importance in Islam and in the life of Muslims and the memorizer of the Quran is preferred on others in lots of things as he will be with the honorable and obedient angels and who recites the Quran and finds it difficult and doing his best in reciting it in the best way possible find all of that in our course Learn Quran for kids, will have a double reward. And the Messenger of Allah said, “The best amongst you is the one who learns the Quran and teaches it.”  Learning Quran for kids changes their lives and affects it positively as the child’s brain is so clear and the Quran increases the innovative abilities and the level of concentrating and memory for the reciter as increasing the memorizer capacity in Arabic language you can also learn Arabic in Learn Quran for kids , develops and raises the levels of conceiving and understanding and improves from the reader’s ability of articulation and fast pronunciation all of you will find more pronunciation in Learn Quran for kids  . Reading and listening to the Holy Quran has perfect consequences as it strengthens the immunity of the body resulting in helping to protect the body from different diseases, a vital treatment of dangerous and chronic diseases of the reciter, clears the mind, changes the person’s passive attitudes to be positive, reduces the nerve stress and anger, frees the mind of sadness, fear and regulates the personality and helps to develop different sides of the reciter’s personality in Learn Quran for kids . The effects of learning the kids the Quran is enormous as it reflects on his attitude where he will regulate in his breeding and different upbringing and is strengthened by the Arabic terminology he has and widens his mental capacities as well as the tranquility and peace of the heart and mind join us now in our course Learn Quran for kids.          

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  1. feyza basoglu

    understanding the basics of quran has been my dream for my whole life, a dream that i have not been able to achieve. i am from turkey so i do not speak arabic, which is a big barrier. and i am a doctor with 2 kids and a teacher in our weekend islamic school which leaves me with so little time. is this course something that can help me with little time and no arabic?

  2. hi i bought a kinlde fire from the states and when i came to amman i discover that i need an american mastercard to download games, books, and i dont have one can you help >~>!? answer me quickly please ( thanks) and can i download without a mastercard ?

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