learn arabic online

Learn Arabic Online

learn arabic online

Learn Arabic Online. Also, the Arabic language is considered one of the top 10 most widely spoken languages worldwide, spoken by nearly 422 million speakers among 29 countries. Meanwhile, the Arabic language is one of the top 25 most difficult languages to Learn.

, that Arabic learning for Muslims is essential & crucial, as it is the key to learning Quran and hadeeth, the way for Muslims to practice Islamic teachings, It is the window to the Arabic world.

Several verses in the Quran mentioned the privilege of the Quran revealed in Arabic.

 « إنَّا أنزلناه قُرآناً عربيّاً لعلَّكم تعقلون » 

« إنَّا جعلناهُ قرآناً عربيّاً لعلّكم تعقلون » 

« قُرآناً عربيّاً غَيرَ ذي عوجٍ لعلَّهم يتَّقون »

It has been narrated by Omar ibn Al-Khattab for Muslims to learn Arabic and teach others Arabic. Also, he mandates learning Arabic grammar.

Ibn Taimiyah said ‘learning Arabic is compulsory for every Muslim, as it is part of Islam.

The Arabic language has different dialects, varies from one country to another, from standard Arabic to colloquial Arabic. Also, the Arabic language incorporates several sciences; calligraphy science, grammar, rhetoric, literature, rhyming

 Characteristics of the Arabic language:

  • The sounds of the Arabic language is unique, as, to produce Arabic letters, all parts of the vocal system is involved; lips, tongue, throat, oral and nasal cavity
  • The Arabic language is rich in vocabularies, deep context, meticulous script and eloquent words
  • The Arabic language is distinguished by the diacritics that appears on top or below the letters, and that easily can change the meaning by replacing one diacritic by another.

Also, replacing one letter instead of another leads to different meaning.

How can I learn the Arabic Language?

For any language to be mastered, four skills are required to develop (ranked from most important to least important):

  1. Listening to the Arabic Language
  2. Speaking with the Arabic language
  3. Reading in the Arabic language
  4. Writing in the Arabic language

Arabic for Business

Some statistics showed Percentage of learning skills for the Arabic language


 Number of Arabic vocabulary needed per learning level

An Arabic tutor should manipulate these 4 skills when teaching Arabic Language, vivid pictures, stories, gestures, dialogue between students, different situations simulation are required, especially for kids learning Arabic, as fun-learned activities help in kids learning progress, reduce boredom, facilitate interaction between students & their tutor and encourage kids to use the Arabic language in their daily life.

Is online Arabic learning possible?

In a rapidly changing world, education should be innovated, regarding the ways of teaching, the materials used and the technologies required.

Online learning is cost-effective, you do not have to go back and forth to receive education, You only need a desktop, headphone with microphone, internet connection and you start learning Online, it is also time-managed, you can choose your convenient timing to have your online course, you feel flexible in your schedule, it is also more efficient as class timing is limited, you do not have to spend the whole day out of home but you only log in your computer when class begins. You can learn any language or skill online.

Different segments of Islamic centers or Arabic learning institutions offer online Arabic courses and Quran online learning for kids and adults, at beginners or advanced levels.

Courses are held via online learning platform or virtual classrooms; supported with a whiteboard, record possibility, live interaction between student and tutors audio/video, makeup classes plan, electronic payment scheme and simple data transmission.

Learn Arabic online Distant learning has become inevitably crucial in our recent environment, so hasten to join one of the most prominent online learning centers.

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