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We live in a world that is rapidly developed, as it’s being developed, we find lots of the traditional ways of learning started to vanish gradually, they become useless and less beneficial as technological progress goes on. We can find a lot of means and ways that enable us to learn wherever and whenever we want. One of the best ways is learning Online. Our topic will be about learning Quran Online and its benefits in particular..

Online Quran learning has many benefits as it follows: 1-Flexibility; you can attend your online classes while you are in your house, your work and wherever you are, as long as you have an internet access, so it does not matter where are you and what the time is, as long as you and your teacher set a time suitable for you both.

2-Saving time and money; Online Classes do not force you to travel or move from a place to another so that it saves your money and time, moreover you will feel comfort because you do not have to leave home and face difficulties of transportation.

3-For those who live in foreign countries or in non-Muslim environments that have limited number of Islamic centers specified in Quran teaching, the best way for them is to learn Quran Online with qualified teachers.

4-The fees are affordable; Online Quran learning is affordable financially compared to the fees of schools that may cost someone’s arm and leg besides being very expensive.

-To sum up, being Muslims is a great bless from Allah. He (SWT) grants us Islam without asking Him, so we should thank Him for this grant. Memorizing and reading Quran is considered one way of thanking God, and also Quran will be your guide to Paradise. So, to facilitate memorizing Quran without any excuse, you can join Learning Quran Online Classes.
The Internet is a great contribution to the world of learning. Without the Internet, it would be difficult to travel around the world to get all the information you want. One can find that the Internet facilitates learning everything new and everything you want to learn, so you can find whatever you want online at any time and anywhere. In particular, the Internet is so important for those who are interested in learning Quran, Islamic Studies and Arabic language in a non-Arabic environment, therefore, it’s a great idea to try learning Online, which called distance learning.

As you can learn anything Online, you can learn anything about Quran Online, and memorize it as well. You can learn and memorize the Quran easily Online by qualified teachers. You also can learn the Arabic language and any Islamic study. Teachers can teach you Tajweed Online to make you read the Quran in the proper way, a way that is as close as possible to the prophet Muhammed (PUH). Arab and Non-Arab students who find difficulties and restrictions to go out and find tutors who can teach them Quran can find Online professional and qualified teachers who can teach them Quran regardless the geographic or the climatic circumstances. Students will find much ease and comfort while learning Quran Online. For those who want Tajweed texts; yes you can find Quran text paper easily, but sometimes it’s difficult to obtain Tajweed text; the internet makes it easy to get any electronic book you want. You can find the Quran text and its Tajweed Online. About the Arabic language, Online teaching is the best way of learning any new language. The reason for being the best way is; Students and teachers can communicate with each other Online in a video call, so students can see the teacher and see how he pronounces the words so that they can learn the words properly. Students can also learn Online Islamic studies like; Fiqh, Hadeeth, Tafseer, Seerah, Tawheed and so forth. The best thing about Online learning is that Students and teachers are not restricted by time, because they both can set the suitable time for them both and change it as they like. Also, Online teaching does not cost much money and saves effort as well. Teachers and students can communicate by e-mail, voice mail, and direct and indirect conversations.
Learning is very important for everyone and kids as well. Our kids are the scholars of the future generations, so we must give great interest to their education. About Muslim kids, they are supposed to learn the Arabic language, the language of the great book; they also need to learn the Quran and the other Islamic studies. Islam saves the kids rights and gives them a great significance, if you search well, you can find that there are Islamic studies for kids in paper books and Online. Teaching Islamic Studies to the kids is important because Islamic studies influence their life all in all; they influence their belief, acts of worship, character building, manners, and their dealings with other people. So, we have to help them build a stronger Islamic foundation. As we know, the best way to fulfill that aim is to seek Online websites that teach and are interested in Islamic studies for kids, to make learning easy for them. Online teaching permits the parents to watch their kids and to know what they are learning to have the ability to help them get better.


Online Quran learning is an excellent way for kids, young and old people, those who do not have time to go to Masjid to learn, or for those who are far away from the Masjid. As a result, providing online teaching enables them to learn Quran with Tajweed easily, to learn the Arabic language properly, and to know about their Islamic principles and manners. Therefore, whatever the language student speaks, Online teaching makes it easy for him to learn in any language and the language he wants.

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