Know more about Al Azhar Quran Teaching

Know more about Al Azhar Quran Teaching

To learn Arabic language, study and memorize the Holy Quran and learn Tajweed you can contact us on al- Azhar Quran Teaching. This Islamic educational website provides some excellent online courses specified to help non Arab Muslims learn Arabic, read the holy Quran with Tajweed, learn Islamic studies and the etiquette of Islam.

Know more about Al Azhar Quran Teaching When you visit al-Azhar Quran Teaching website and browse its different pages, you will realize the effort exerted to cover all Islamic educational needs for non-Arab Muslims and reverts. The online courses include courses for both adults and kids, Muslims and non-Muslim who want to learn and speak Arabic for different purposes.

Our online courses include a curriculum of different levels for learning the Arabic language for both adults and kids. In such courses, we do our best to cover different educational needs for individuals who seek for learning classical Arabic (Fusha), Egyptian dialect, advanced Arabic studies and Arabic for special needs such as business fields. There are also online courses for teaching kids the basics of Arabic such as alphabet and reading al-Fatiha and small chapters of Quran. Some of those courses are completely free.

The online Islamic courses on al-Azhar Quran Teaching include courses of both Quran and Islamic Studies. The Quran courses concentrate on teaching how to read and memorize the holy Quran with Tajweed. Whereas the Islamic Studies courses include courses that cover all the basics of Islam such as Pillars of Islam, Tafseer (explanation of Quran), Zikr (Remembrance of Allah) and revert to Islam courses.

Al Azhar Quran Teaching presents a variety of Islamic and Arabic learning books to be read by specialized teachers at online classes. The books include a series of reading Arabic Workbooks containing drills and activities for students to practice learning Arabic. The series covers different levels of learners.

There is also a series of Islamic Studies books of different levels devoted to teaching the basics of Islam applying simple and exciting methods.

You can easily contact us via Gmail at You can also contact us on Skype and follow us on Facebook using our address: alazharquranteaching.

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