Why You Should Join Online Academy to Learn Quran?

Are you willing to learn Quran but have lack of resources? Well, signup now for Best online Quran academy to learn. Islam is one of the major religions followed by more than twenty-four percent of the global population. The Holy Quran is the first book in Islam, which is the word of God the house on the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him for the statement and miracles which is also regarded as the most beautiful piece of work in classical Arabic literature.Learn holy quran Moreover, it is believed that the Quran was a verbal revelation made by God to Muhammad, and thus to humanity, over a period of approximately twenty-three years.
The text of the Quran is regarded as a proof of his prophethood and a book of guidance for humanity. In general, it dictates how one should lead their lives by treating the Quran with reverence. The first surah of the Quran is the most recited in daily prayers and other occasions. Besides this, the most intellectual disciplines in Islam also have their foundations in the teachings of the holy book. Thus, this is a very important text for the Muslims and the respect for the written words and verses is an integral element of the religious faith. Verses like “None shall touch, but those who are clean” inspire actions based on both traditional and literal interpretations such as performing a ritual cleansing simply with water before touching the book. Indeed, the Quran is the foundation of the religious faith for Muslims even though there are many debates regarding its interpretations and history of origin.

Understanding the Holy Quran
Since the Quran is a unique piece of holy text, reading or preaching it, will reward the preacher with divine gifts. Moreover, the teachings of the Quran inspire humanity to live in peace, tolerance, and love as well as support diversity as a part of ‘divine intent.’
“And if thy Lord had willed, He verily would have made mankind one nation, yet they cease not differing …Save him on whom thy Lord hath mercy, and for that, He did create them…”
— Quran, [Quran 11:118] There are many such ‘peace verses’ that propagate a positive attitude, but there are also the ‘sword verses,’ which preaches self-defense without unwarranted violence. Since the Quran also has many narrative similarities with other holy books such as the Bible, it is considered essential to know how to read the Quran for Muslim kids. Anyone aged between four to seventy-four can do so with extreme ease now with the help of online Quran academy.

learn quran online
All you have to do is register at an affordable fee and connect with personal tutors via high-speed Internet connectivity. The tutors are well qualified and know the rules of recitation very well and are Hafiz-I-Quran that have memorized the complete text.
Moreover, learning the Quran along with an understanding of ‘how to incorporate it into daily life’ is an important aspect of learning, which is a little more difficult to achieve online as compared to visiting the local mosque. But you can now log in to connect with your teacher at flexible schedules without even using webcams from any corner of the world to be a part of the online Quran academy.
Professional and personal tutors for Quran
The online Quran academies are not a part of any group or religious organization or Masjid. There is a team of Islamic scholars, Quran teachers, and engineers who welcome everyone interested in learning and understanding the multiple layers of this historic scripture in Arabic.
All the teachers are brilliant University graduates in Islamic studies and well trained in teaching Quran, Arabic as well as Urdu online. Since the technique of online teaching is not the same as that of conventional classroom teaching, users can attend a demo session to get a hold of it. They are also highly motivated & experienced and are aware of the possible complexities in this profession.
Learning Quran does not only help you pass your traditions, values, and morals to your next generation but also gives your life a purpose and keeps you inspired by divine verses to pursue true happiness and peace through love. People who have learned Quran have often found themselves more appreciative of Islamic art and more compassionate and generous to attain ‘Jannat.’
During the month of Ramadan, Muslims typically recite the whole Quran for the prayers while also maintaining good manners and character through generous deeds. For all of these crucial occasions, learning the Quran is essential and those who do receive many rewards in life. An academy can help you do that right from the comfort of your homes with complete security and a hundred percent attention by the personalized tutors that will understand your problems during the learning process.
Why Online Quran Academy?
Even though visiting the Mosque regularly is the best way to learn Quran not just theoretically but also by practicing it in real life, but that may not be a possibility for many due to their hectic work schedule. So, for those who want to learn the holy text and understand the basics of the Quran, can join an online Quran academy. Moreover, the one-on-one classes ensure that you have a fixed timeline and a tutor who is ready to solve any query, which makes the learning process much more efficient.

Online Quran Learning
If many members of the same family register for learning online, each one gets their share of attention without any interference from the other’s learning method or pace. Many academies share free trial classes for learners so that they can be satisfied with their tutors. The availability of both male and female teachers allows you to choose whom you are most comfortable with. You can focus on the correct reading of the Quran, which is known as ‘Tajweed’ in Arabic. You don’t need webcams while reading either, so the females and the kids can safely learn Quranic Arabic from wherever they wish to read.
Knowledge should be gained to put it into practice because there is no purpose of theoretical knowledge otherwise. The Sunnat explains that we need the knowledge so that we can fulfill our deeds within the rules and guidelines given by Allah through the prophet Muhammad. After fulfilling our deeds, we also must pass on this kind of knowledge to our next generation by teaching and set an example. This is the motto of Online Quran Academy’s

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