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islam and honesty

15 Jan 2017

islam and honesty

islam and honesty Al-Azhar Quran teaching

Islam and Honesty











Honesty was one of the prophet (PUH) characteristics. He was called the truthful and the trustworthy.

What is honesty?

Honesty is giving the people’s rights, and to keep these rights for them. Honesty is one of the basic manners of Islam, it’s a distinguish that God Has bestowed the humans.

How does Quran speak about Amanah

In Muhsin Khan’s interpretation of the Quran, Allah says: Truly, We did offer AlAmanah (the earth, and the mountains , he was unjust (to himself) and ignorant (of its results)(72), Al-Ahzab. In Shakir interpretation judge between people you judge with justice; surely Allah admonishes you with what is excellent; surely Allah is Seeing, Hearing 004:058.

Kinds of Amanah

There are many kind of trustworthy (Al-Amanh); honesty in worship, in keeping people’s properties, in responsibilities, in work, in keeping secrets, and in selling to other people.

When people follow this great manner, they will fulfill prosperity and they would love each other, and they will be rewarded with Jannah in the hereafter.




Learn true Islam

Quran and Sunnah are the source of every good manner. Every Muslim should learn Quran, and Hadiths of the prophet, to understand the right and the proper Islam, not the falsifications that has spread by media and falsifiers. You can join any Islamic centers or Masjids if it’s available for you. If not try to join any Online Quran center and be among Quran Hafzeen. You can learn online Quran, Arabic, Islamic studies.

Do not hesitate and enroll you, your kids, or any of your family and join our Online Quran classes with the most qualified native Arabic speaking teachers; males to teach men and females to teach women, and both of them have the ability to teach children learn Quran for kids.


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