taghreed tarek

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I started to learn Quran and tajweed rules at the age of

nine at Ein shams school for teaching Quran then at

Alshareyah school in minya. I finished memorizing

whole Quran and learning Tajweed at the age of 18. I

won some prizes and certificates of honor in memorizing



I taught Quran, principles of Tajweed and Arabic at

Huda team as a voluntary work for 2 years via skype.

There, I taught an Indian girl for 1 year and helped her in

Arabic situations. Then, I taught a girl form Sir Lanka. I

taught some Arabic, Quran and tajweed to partners from

India, England, Holland and Germany via Skype as a

language and experience exchange. Also, I taught Quran

to egyptian children at an organization.

Now, I teach an Arabic girl Quran and rules of tajweed

online. In addition to helping a girl from Holland in

Arabic conversations and teaching her Tajweed.

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