Ijazah program

Ijazah program

Ijazah is a certification from Muslim scholars and it is considered a clear evidence to give you the opportunity to teach others the Holy Quran. Teaching Quran isn’t a job, it is a worship as the prophet “PBUH” says “The Best amongst you is “he” who learns and teaches the Holy Quran”. We hope to guide you in this right path, and you also can work with it to gain money. Our scholars are the best, they took Ijazah before and they will teach to give it to others.


To be able to get Ijazah, you need to be able to read Quran properly with recitation. You should memorize most of the verses in Quran. The people that succeed in learning Ijazah are brilliant and highly qualified.

Before any student attends the course, our scholars test him/her because our course is presented in groups and all the students must be at the same level.

Our course can be presented face to face, or via phone or Skype.

It is our pleasure to join us.

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