Holy Quran alazhar quranteaching

Holy Quran Al-Azhar Quran teaching

The noblest science on earth is the Holy Quran. The most superior among people are those who learn the Quran and teach it, as the prophet (PUH) says. As an academy concerns with teaching the Quran, Arabic, and Islamic studies Online; Al-Azhar Quran teaching decides to show how a student can learn how to read Quran step by step.

Holy Quran alazhar quranteaching


Al-Azhar Quran teaching academy is interested in you as a Muslim. And one of its visions is to build a strong Muslim who can defend Islam and Muslims, to build a healthy Muslim who knows his true religion, a Muslim who understands the Islam message of peace and submission to the only God. A Muslim who is educated enough to call for Islam, deliver the true message of it to the whole world. Al-Azhar online courses can achieve this mission by setting very comprehensive curriculums. They start with the student online from the very beginning of the Arabic Alphabets and watch him till he becomes able to read Arabic, and consequently, he will be able to read the Quran by himself. They also teach Islamic studies Online; because they are aware that Muslims should know and understand their religion correctly. Muslims should know their true religion, not just the falsifications that media introduces to them. Muslims are required to know the translation of the Holy Quran, the sayings of their prophet, his biography, and also the biography of his companions and the other prophets (PUT). Thus; Al-Azhar Quran teaching provides all of that online, you can learn Arabic, Quran and Islamic studies Online with a very qualified teacher. We will set a series that will show you, step by step, the way that the academy follows to achieve its mission.

Try to be a true Muslim who seeks the good for his religion. Try to make good of yourself, to be a true Muslim who seeks true knowledge about Islam to apply it in his daily life, because Islam is also a style of life. You can enroll yourself, your child to Al-Azhar Quran teaching academy to learn Arabic, Quran, and Islamic studies online.

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