Hijab in Islam

Hijab in Islam is Wearing modestly with covering the head and loosed clothing; this is my hijab.

Hijab in Islam

Hijab is an Arabic term refers to Muslim woman head cover; it is derived from the word hijab, means hide or cover.

On 1st of February, women worldwide celebrate World Hijab Day; this day is proof of women’s rights to practice freedom in covering- up, it’s an opportunity to encourage non- Muslim woman to experience hijab.

Hijab does not stand as an obstacle was while practicing a woman’s daily life, it only shows modesty look abiding with Allah ‘ s orders for not showing off adornment and covering veils all over the body. Allah has ordained Hijab on every Muslim woman in the age of puberty; women have to hide their beauty in public places or the presence of people of the opposite sex.

Historical data showed the existence of hijab or head cover before Islam Epoque, in the previous nations, like Roman noble women, they used to cover their face and head as a sign of high social rank and nobility. Head cover in other communities has other social dimensions; hijab was applied in Jewish religion as well as in Iran.

Nowadays, some countries ban hijab in schools or public places, like France, though it is proved that covering woman head in ancient ages in France was a sign of nobility.

Virtues of hijab

Virtues of hijab (Muslim women covering head)

  1. Hijab is a submission to Allah, as obeying Allah’s commandments fulfills servitude, in the Quran, Allah has ordained covering heads on Muslim women in several verses;
  2. Hijab is a way to chastity, as Allah commanded Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) to enjoin his wives and his daughters and the believing women, to draw a part of their outer coverings around them;

Also, elderly women not hoping for marriage is not obliged to put off their clothes without showing off their adornment.

  1. Hijab protects women from dazzling looks and predating eyes of the other sex; it keeps her inner beauty for her husband only.
  2. Both men and women are ordered to lower their gaze, as the human nature and behavior of men are lusted and seduced by women. Allah has created man and women, and he knows well their instincts.
  3. Hijab makes the choice of a wife for marriage based on her character rather than her appearance.
  4.  Hijab command to women in Islam is directed to believers, so observing hijab is an act of belief.

On the contrary, taking off women’s clothes and showing her adornment is a punishment from Allah, Remember Adam and Eve story when they disobeyed Allah and approached the forbidden tree, Allah has punished them by uncovering their private parts, so Satan deception has led them to punishment.

In the hadeeth, Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) condemned those women who came in the later part of his nation wearing fully fitted clothes as if naked and they have humps on top of their heads like camels, also in the other hadeeth, any woman take off her clothes in other than her husband’s home, she had broken the shield between her and Allah.

Showing off women’s adornment is an act of jaheylia (ignorance) as Arab pagans used to show off their bosom without covering, So Allah has commanded Muslim women to reside at their home and avoid showing off their adornment like before Islam epoque.

Muslim women dress code varies from one country to another depends on culture and norms perspective, Allah did not figure how could be a Muslim woman’s dress unless it fulfills hijab conditions.

Women covering or veil has been a controversial dilemma across generations, Almost all Scholars agree on the obligation of hijab on adult Muslim, but they differ in the way a woman should cover up, is it a whole head to toe hijab or covering head and body??

Some people have other views for women head covering as a voluntarily act, others view hijab as heresy and not belongs to Islamic practice, others consider hijab as a limitation on women free will or as a symbol of oppression.

But if we understand the wisdom behind imposing hijab on Muslim women, Allah wants to instill a sense of purity in men and women, so he prohibited women from showing their figure or showing off any kind of adornment like wearing perfumes or make-up or wearing high heels that do tinkling sounds and attracts other sex’s attention. Through these rules, society is being protected from committing adultery, unlawful marriage and rape.

Muslim women clothing is not unique in its form but every garment that is loosed and roomy, not transparent or eye – catchy, does not describe body, not trendy or fashioned, not seeking with it vanity or personal admiration, does not resemble men’s wear in whatsoever, not perfumed with fragrances is a Muslim clothing.

Like a fruit that is being protected by its cover from touching hands, A Muslim Woman is highly regarded in Islam and highly protected in her hijab. Register for Quran Classes Online here and begin your journey into deeper Quran knowledge today.



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