Etiquettes Reading Quran


Etiquettes of reading Quran

etiquettes reading quran
etiquettes reading Quran

Quran is the true word of God that He revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be upon him) to be guidance for the whole of mankind till the Last Day. Scholars have set certain etiquettes of reading Quran or approaching it. Any Muslim reading the Holy Quran should be pure regarding performing ablution,

Moreover, the etiquettes of reading the Holy Quran also include purifying one’s soul and mind away from general life distractions, pondering in Allah’s purpose in the verses, not to cut off recitation unless necessary, recite Quran in a.

When you start reading the Quran, you should make sure that your clothes are clean, that you are facing the Qibla. It is also recommended to use Siwak as the prophet (PUH) always did.

The etiquettes of reading the Quran also include that Muslim who is reading the Quran should feel humble and submissive while reading. He should not be distracted by anything and should focus on reading the Quran.  Also, he/she should try to know the meanings of the words of the Quran, know the stories in it, and the examples it includes.

Seeking to learn Quran

You as Muslim should search for Islamic centers or Masjids to know how to read and memorize Quran. If it’s difficult for you to find Masjids or Islamic centers in your country, so do not worry because you can find a lot of Islamic centers online. You can learn Arabic to know the meaning and rules the Holy Quran includes and to follow the prophet (PUH) who was a Quran walking on the ground (Peace and blessings be upon him and his companions.

Ways of Learning Quran:

There are a few ways of learning the Holy Quran:

  • A near masjid or Islamic center/schools that provide on-site Quran learning classes.
  • You can assign Quran tutors to help you read and memorize Quran at your home.
  • Modern technologies nowadays permit learning Quran online through an online Quran courses which becomes common on many Islamic educational websites.

Memorizing the Holy Quran:

  • It takes effort and sincere commitment to memorize the Holy Quran. However, the rewards of memorizing the Quran are immense.
  • Quran memorization course in Al Azhar Quran teaching is very beneficial for non-Arab Muslims and new reverts who want to start memorizing Quran classes online without forgetting it. Your tutor will read the verse with Tajweed (in a proper way), and then he will ask you to repeat after him. He will do this process many times till you can read the verse clearly without obvious mistakes. Then he will start the following verse, read it and you will repeat after him, and so on.
  • In each class, you will have some verses for new memorization, verses for front revision and verses for back revision so that you will not forget what you memorize.
  • Our teachers in Al-Azhar Quran teaching can follow up with them and help them memorize the Holy Quran easily. You can start your course with our qualified Quran teachers from any Surah (chapter) that you would like to start.
  • Classes are via voice or video calls through Skype or Zoom, which are apps that can be simply used.
  • Classes are available at your suitable time.



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