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Quran Reading WithTajweed

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16 Oct 2016

Quran Reading WithTajweed

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Quran; is the Islamic Holy book. Muslims need to say verses from it in every prayer they do, which means that they need it five times a day. So every Muslim has to read Quran, but they are obliged to read it properly, with its correct pronunciation. Their reading must be as close as possible to the prophet’s reading. This online course permits the students to learn Quran and the rules of its reading, which is called “Rules of Tajweed”, they also will be able to know the correct pronunciation of the Arabic letters. All of these will be happened under the guidance of our qualified teachers.
Egyptian dialect is the most utilized Arabic dialect. It is the only dialect in the Arab world one can speak while touring the Middle East or just having casual conversation with Family and friends.. This program provides students with specialized curriculum for business professionals who live in Arab countries or deal with Arabs. Thus, they can interact easily in a professional way.

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching is an Online professional teaching academy. It helps non-Arabic speakers of different ages, nationalities and languages to read and understand the words and secrets os the Holy and Glorious Quran.

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