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Islamic studies for kids

18 Jul 2017

islamic studies for kids

Islamic Studies for kids  

Why Learn quran for kids  islamic studies for adults ?

Learning Islam is the way for Jannah

Islamic Studies for kids ,  In this course, our tutors will help kids to understand the basics of Islam. We will teach them the Arabic alphabet, fundamentals of good Islamic manners, memorization of Surah Al-Fatihah, and introduction to the Prophets (pbuh). This introductory course will help kids develop important worship skills and prepare them for more advanced courses. Islamic Studies for kids with Al-Azhar Quran teaching learn quran for kids

It is really important to know the importance of teaching your kids islamic studies. By knowing their religion it will prevent them from doing any bad thing and they will be in the way of Allah SWT learn quran for kids  

learn quran for kids

quran for kids  The importance of learning Islamic Studies ( Al -Azhar Quran teaching Learn quran for kids )

Islamic Studies for kids Early Start, Grow Smart; is an English proverb means that the early you start learning the perfectly you learn. That is one of Al-Azhari Quran teaching visions; to start from the very beginning with kids. They set a very professional and qualifying course for kids, to qualify and prepare them to be Quran Hafezeen. This course also focuses on the Islamic studies for kids quran for kids  .

So we must know Islamic education for kids it is thief way to be better Muslims and humans

Learn quran for kids Muslim kid should know some basics, really important basics about their religion. They should know that Islam is not that religion which derives it’s people from enjoying their life; but the religion that permits everyone to enjoy life without doing forbidden actions, as by avoid doing haram deeds, and those who do that would really enjoy and be delight in their lives. They must know that by following prophet’s actions and deeds, people would love them, because all of the prophet’s actions were good and benevolent. In this online class, teacher teaches student some other things to know, like for example; the Islamic names, and why parents should choose good names for their children. Students learn the meaning of their names, and whom he or she is called after. He learns about the prophet’s Sirah, and if he or she is called after a sahabi or sahabia; he/she should know about this Sahabi/a and what did he or she do for Islam. Teacher helps students to memorize a zikr for a day, du’a, and he memorizes one of Allah’s names every class and also the meaning of it. Teacher tells the students stories about honesty, truthfulness, to evoke them observing and applying these manners while dealing with others, they are evoked also to be benevolent to others. Student learns how God reward those who have good manners, and how those good people affect the society and how their manners can become reasons for calling for Islam Islamic Studies for kids .

learn quran for kids – islamic studies for adults Islamic education for kids 

Why Learn Quran?

It is the duty of all Muslims to live their life under the teachings of Quran and Sunnah. If done, the rewards are BIG:

اقرءوا القرآن فإنه يأتي يوم القيامة شفيعًا لأصحاب

“Read the Quran, for it will come as an intercessor for its reciters on the Day of Resurrection”

In the following text, we would present you some of the tips for Quran to kids. These little points would help you a lot in ways to teach  Quran to children...

for very beginning try to memorize your students short surahs, mean while make them understand arabic test. After they start recognizing words and are able to read them by joining, then start from chapter 1.

teach them the translation of stories from Quran. Naturally, kids listen to stories with attention. It will be a nice way of creating love of Allah and his prophets in the hearts of kids

When parents take interest in Quran learning of children and supervise it themselves, it helps increase the chances of parent children bonding. Firstly by learning Quran children get to realize the importance and respect of parents in Islam, however, when they see parents taking interest in their learning and parents leading from front by putting Quran and Islam into practice the chances of them respecting the parents more and growing closer to them also increase. Therefore, the interest of parents in Quran learning of their children results in strengthening of parent-children bond that lays the foundation for a healthy relation islamic studies for adults

Learn quran for kids If you make the Quran a family activity, all the family can benefit from these activities ( islamic studies for adults).

.You can encourage older children to carry a pocket-sized version of the Quran with them. They can use these to read when their time would otherwise be wasted. They can read it when they are waiting for the bus, waiting for an appointment, or any other moment where they would otherwise be ‘wasting’ time.

Quran Learning for Kids with alazhari Quran teaching  is an excellent structured way  that enables your child to learn Quran Online without leaving their home comfort.  Classes also keeps your kid updated with technology.

The prophet said, “The Quran will come on the Day of Judgement and say, ‘So Lord! Adorn him. ’So the person will be made to wear the crown of honor. Then it will say, ‘Oh Lord! Increase him!’ So the person will be made to wear the garment of honor.

quran for kids  Then it will say, ‘Oh Lord! Be pleased with him.’ So Allah will be pleased with him. Then it will be said, Recite and ascend.’ And the person will receive an extra good deed for every verse (that he recites of the Quran).”

quran for kids  In Al Azhar quran teaching we offer a great book it is Islamic books for kids so they can be more deep in their Islamic Knowledge learn quran for kids .

Islamic Studies for kids in Al-Azhar Quran teaching

Quran; is the Book of Allah, revealed to His last messenger, Muhammed (PUH). It’s the best way, after Salah, that permits Muslim to connect with Allah in a submissiveness state. Muslims need to read Quran to seek forgiveness from Allah and also to repent to Him always. Quran was revealed upon prophet Muhammed in Arabic language, the language of his people. And this language was a miracle for his people, because even though they were well-know with their eloquence, the language of the Quran was more eloquent, may be super eloquent. And that is why all of us as Muslims need to learn this miraculous language. And to perfect this language, one needs to learn it from the age of childhood Islamic Studies for kids.

Parents must teach their kids Islamic Learn quran for kids

 islamic studies for adults 

Learn quran for kids need to perfectly be prepared to be the Ummah’s future leaders. They are our hope for healthy Muslims, who know their correct religion, and understand its noble peace message. In our online course, we put this aim in our mind. We choose the most qualified teachers who can fulfill such an aim; teachers who dream of new, healthy and good Muslim generations. Teachers who can teach Quran, Islamic Studied, and Arabic Online. Islamic Studies for kids During this Online Course, tutors guide kids patiently to teach them the fundamentals of Islam. They will learn the Arabic alphabets, some of the Islamic morals and manners, they will memorize surat Alfateha; which is the fundamental surah in every prayer, and they will study also an introduction to the prophet’s seerah. This Online course will help kids develop important worship skills and prepare them for more advanced courses learn quran for kids .

We choose this course for kids to be Online Islamic studies for kids ?

Learn quran for kids because we see that it’s the easiest way to teach them the Islamic Studies and Quran. Teaching Islamic Studies Online will save the time of the kid and his parents as well.  As we can see that Muslims in European countries and America find a lot of difficulties to send their kids to the Masjids or any Islamic center to learn the Arabic language, Quran, and the other Islamic studies. So our mission was to put an end to such problems. It is not just a solution, but it’s the perfect solution ever. As, kids can learn from the comfort of their home without being venerable to weather changes or any other obstacle they can face if the course is traditionally tutored. Online Course for kids enables Parents watch their kids and supervise them as well learn quran for kids .

Islamic Studies for kids

Islamic Studies kids online

Learn quran for kids So, do not miss the chance, do not make more delay. Just enroll your kid to our course to enable him learn about his religion. Muslim is not just a word written in your identity; Islam is a matter of thinking, search and doing actions. Be one of the Muslims who intended to spread Islam on earth. Make your kid one of these buds who will become a righteous Muslim like this marvelous flower that benefits its carrier with its beautiful smell.  islamic studies for kids – learn quran for kids 

Learn quran for kids How to memorize the Quran for children The childhood stage is considered one of the most important stages in the child’s life. This stage is characterized by the child’s ability to learn and develop self. Therefore, many people resort to memorizing their children and teaching them the Islamic religion. Society in accordance with the teachings of the Islamic religion. The importance of memorizing the Quran to memorize the Holy Quran is a great virtue for Muslims especially for children, where memorizing Quran helps to brighten the child’s mind and guide him properly through his knowledge of the meanings of the Holy Quran and its interpretation. It also helps in guiding the child to ways of good and avoiding him through misguidance, Other than the high and high status in the world and the Hereafter, as the Holy Quran will be patron to his companion on the Day of Resurrection.
O Fathers: The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “The one who is skilled in the Qur’aan with the honorable journey is the one who prays, and the one who recites the Qur’aan and abides in it.

How are you – the slaves of Allah, who sent your sons to save the book of God, and you are keen on it – if you came to the Lord on the Day of Resurrection, your sons and the best of the angels of God, and they are the honorable journey, peace be upon them? Who overshadows this, and vows it? Except from the injustice of himself!

The Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Fasting and the Qur’aan are obligatory for the slave on the Day of Resurrection,
Learn quran for kids He prevented him from sleeping at night. He said: Vishafan)).

the young believer know what the faith of God and his angels and books and messengers and the Last Day, As for the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “Pass your children to pray when they are seven years old, and beat them with them when they are ten years old, and divide them among the beds. And teach him the prohibition of adultery, theft, drinking alcohol, lying, absenteeism and similarities.

It is proven in al-Saheehayn from Ibn ‘Umar (may Allaah be pleased with him) that the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said: “You are all shepherds and responsible for his flock, and the child is faithful to his parents and his pure heart is a precious gem. And every teacher has a polite, and if the return of evil and neglected my brother and perished, and the minister in the neck of values and guardian of it, and whatever the father saves his child from the fire of the world should be saved from the fire of the Hereafter is the first, and maintenance to be guided and guidance and teach the virtues of ethics, . The guardian must also discipline the minor characters who instill in the child the same morals and proper conduct, such as ordering the prayer, reciting the Quran and memorizing it, and learning the Arabic language on skilled professional teachers with us on via skype face to face teachers .

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