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Revert to Islam course

“Revert to Islam course” is a completely an online course presented by “al-Azhar Quran Teaching” to new reverts. In this course, the tutors help new Muslims understand the basics of Islam such as how to perform ablution, the five daily prayers, how to fast the holy month of Ramadan, how to calculate the portion of Zakat (alms) and perform Hajj (pilgrimage).

 Moreover, they teach them how to do voluntary acts of worship such as remembrance of Allah (Dhikr), giving charity (Sadaqa) and making Du’a (supplication).  

 revert to islam courses  The qualified teachers of “al-Azhar Quran Teaching” do their best during this online course to make our new brothers and sisters feel free to ask any question about Islam, and they kindly answer their questions. The teachers give them clear vision about any controversial issue they may ask about. They also teach them the Islamic views about Hijab, engagement, and marriage.

Our teachers help reverts to learn more about Islam and they answer any questions they might ask. Teachers can discuss with them the controversial questions about Islam. Our teachers discuss with them how to make Dua and help learners to memorize important Dua’s. Teachers help convert muslims to know the basics of Islam. They learn how to perform Salah, and tell them how many times Muslims do prayers per day. They learn how to fast, what is the portion of zakah, and are told about pilgrimage that they can do it when they have the ability to do.We help them understand voluntary acts of worship such Dhikr and Sadaqa. We also offer our students a comfortable environment to feel free to seek advice from our tutors on everyday issues such as engagement, marriage and how to adjust to our present day society

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