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Quran Reading WithTajweed

Register Now It is obligatory upon every Muslim to read the Quran with its correct pronunciation. The proper pronunciation that arrives to us from the prophet (PUH). Every Muslim has to read Quran as closer as possible to the prophet (PUH) reading.

The proper reading of the Quran, the prophet’s way of reading, has reached us by his companions, and then the followers of the companions (May Allah bless them all). We as Muslims have to read Quran like their way of reading. Some of the scholars say that reading Quran with Tajwed is a must, and we mus not read it without applying these rules while reading. We are doing our best to help our brothers and sisters as possible as we can to read Quran properly as closer as possible to the prophet’s (PUH) reading. In this course, student will learn the rules of Tajweed and the proper pronunciation of Arabic word put together. He will know the rules of (Noon Sakinah and Tnween). The teacher in this course tells him about the different letters, which changes the rules when they are changed. They will know the letters that come after the (noon sakinah and tanween) and result either (إظهار), appearance, إدغام)), merging, (إخفاء), hiding, and (إقلاب). He will know the other secrets of reading the Holy Quran, to taste the beauty and the charm of its recitation. Our teachers will go over with the students on how to apply these rules when reciting the Holy Quran to achieve the marvelous recitation. One of our Quran course program is called Q read part two; a step by step guide to learning how to understanding Tajweed. This online course program contains Arabic numbers; Stopping Signs, Sajadat of tilawat Quran, Division in the Quran, Sample of a Quran page, Table of chapters in the Quran, Sound origination – Makhrij points, Sound Origination – lip letters, Makhraj origination – Tongue letters, Sound origination – Throut letters, Huruf’ul Muqatta’at, Qualities of letters sifat – al – Huroof, Ghunna, Rules of nun sukun and tanween, Rules of nun Sakin and tanween, Idgham, Idh-haar, Iqlaab or qalb, Ikhfaa, then there will be an exercise. Then there are Simple summary of the rules of nun sakin and tanween, rules of meem sakin, Qalqala, Rules of laam, and rules of raa. By the end of this online course student acquaints the whole Tajweed rules, and has the ability to apply them during reading Quran.