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Quran Memorization

Register Now This course helps students to memorize the Quran. It’s a very all-inclusive course to help students and put and end to their worry about forgetting what they have memorized.
This course is organized to help those who want to be Hafizeen of the Quran. Our program is This course is for those who can read Arabic very well, those who have command on Arabic, and who read it with its different movements easily and properly. This student can start memorizing Quran now. In the online classes, the teacher asks the student to prepare a hard copy of Mushaf, a note book, and a pencil. The mushaf should be the student’s own use, because while reciting with the sheikh, he will mark with him the mistakes he does to highlight and concentrate on its correctness while his memorizing process. The student is asked to make a timetable make column for new hifz, other for the surah before, and one for revision. This program is perfect for all students, because it helps him always revise his hifz. So, the student will have no chance to forget any of the Quran he has memorized. We set three programs for the student to choose from when applying to memorize the Quran. The students can choose one of the following programs of this course:
A.) Memorizing the last 30 Surahs.
B.) Memorizing some selected Surahs chosen by the tutor.
C.) Memorizing the whole Quran.