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Online Arabic for Special Needs

“Online Arabic for Special Needs” is one of the online free courses presented by “Al-Azhar Quran Teaching” for non-Arabs who have interest in Arabic language for special purpose. What distinguishes this online course is that it is mainly specified for non-Arabs businessmen who need to communicate with their Arab partners.

The curriculum of this online course is mainly dedicated to business and it is concentrating on teaching non-Arab learners Arabic terms and expressions used in business and financial fields. Moreover, the qualified tutors help the learners set advanced conversations about business and write advanced Arabic text for same purpose. Thus, this online free course enables non-Arab businessmen to manage their work with their Arab partners and facilitates communication without having the language problem.     

This course offers a specialized curriculum for business professionals living in Arab countries or interacting with Arabs in a professional context. Our professional instructors are sure to fulfill your needs whether they are learning basic conversational Arabic or writing advanced Arabic text. We set a very specified curriculum for those who want to learn Arabic for business sake. A very comprehensive curriculum of the whole business terms. We need to make it easy for non-Arab businessmen when dealing with their Arab partners, so they can contact each other without facing the language obstacle.

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