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Through this course, the kid will memorize some supplications of the morning and evening and know that these supplications is for protecting him. He also will learn other supplications like, what he should say before eating, before and after entering the bath room, and when entering the house and getting out of it. Supplications in his way to mosque, when enter, and when exit. He will also learn some of Allah (SWT) names, and their meaning. And how can we make dua by using these names. He will learn some of the prophet’s hadiths, and will learn through them how the prophet had had good and noble manners. Teacher will encourage the student to follow the noble and faithful prophet (PBUH). He also will learn some of his sirah, which is an access to know his great companions. He will know how great were them, and how they had great and noble characteristics because they follows their prophet (PUH). Through this course, the will be taught level one of the Islamic studies for kids. In this online course student will learn basics of Tawheed, sirah, hadith, tafsir, and some good manners and etiquettes. He will know that Allah is one, he is the creator, the giver of life, All-Hearing. He will know about Iman-The Faith of A Muslim; which includes; the messenger of Allah, the angels, the book of Allah. This course includes explanation of the five pillars of Islam, Al-Masjid, Al-Adhan, How can he perform Wudhu? The five daily prayers and how he performs them. There is part of the biography of the prophet (PUH). Kid will memorize some Dhikr and Du’aa. He will learn some good manners like using the right hand, Etiquette of using toilet, etiquette of eating and drinking, etiquette of going out, etiquette of sleeping. He will learn how to deal with parents.

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