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Register Now This course offers comprehensive learning approach to help you learn all aspects of the Arabic language including reading, writing, listening and speaking. This course is excellent for beginners, those looking to travel and communicate with others. In this course you will learn the standard Arabic language. The language of the ancient Arab, the Arabic of the Quran book, and the source of every dialect Arabic. When you learn classic Arabic you will be able to communicate with any Arab speaker from any different Arab country. Classic Arabic is the most understandable in whole Arab countries. In this course student studies the three parts of Lughatuna – al-Fusha online course. Trough this online course, student learn greetings and introductions; how to greet people, and how to introduce yourself or the others. Student learns asking about people, their countries, and nationality. He knows how to ask about personal belongings; about numbers, dates, and telephone numbers. He can ask about price, color, places, and directions. Student will have the ability to speak about daily activities. Student learns how to ask others about family, and weather conditions and uses some useful grammar terms. In the second part of this online course student has a revision of the first part, then he move to learn to talk about his home and family; how to describe people, places, asking about specifications or criteria, using adjectives, antonyms, and negation. Then he learns how to describe people, cities; talking about immediate and extended family, and expressing possessions (have-have not). Then student learns how to ask about places and means of transportation. He reads through this course short articles about famous Arab figures. The teacher then help student to talk about Schools and universities by describing events, occasions, and parties; and talking about colleges and universities. They speak during the course about student life, and student’s daily activities. Then they move to describing news/past incidents, Talking about personal lives. The next step, teacher narrate short stories and narration, then ask students to write short stories. Through this part of course they learn using imperatives in asking and giving instructions, and giving advice and instructions. Before starting part three of this course, the student will have revision then move to the content of this online course. In this online course student compares between past and present; he can discuss with teacher disasters, accident, and terrorism. This course includes classes about describing sports events and comparing different personalities, talking about tourism and travel, reading about tourism and economy. The student through this course tries to describe touristic sights, modern developments in tourism, and talking about tourism problems. When this part is finished, teacher do revision about it with the student. So, by the end of this whole course student will be able to talk classic Arabic fluently and perfectly. He will be able to talk with different ages and in all fields in life.