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Advanced Arabic Studies

Register Now This program is suitable for high school or college students who have experience in Arabic and want to take their studies further by learning more advanced text to help them reach a higher level in their education. This course is set for those who want to speak Arabic language. In this course, tutors discuss with the learners books and news papers. So, this course is being taught to the advanced levels of Arabic language learners. Teacher gives opportunity to the students to speak confidently without worrying of making mistakes. They told them that you are not going to learn properly without doing mistakes. So, they can speak loudly and confidently as much as they can. Teachers then highlight the mistake of the student and ask him to correct it by himself, and give him the opportunity to make trial as much as he wants. And finally if he can’t correct it, they can do that for him. The student finishes this course with competent reading and speaking skills, he will be able to do Arabic presentations and speak Arabic in public perfectly.