Ijizah Programme





Definitions of Ijaza:

– The linguistic meaning of Ijaza is permission. As for the technical meaning, it refers to the permission to relate via establishing a series of narrators.

– “Ijaza” in this programme means the permission or license given by a certified Imam or Shaykh to recite and teach the Holy Quran with Tajweed. “Online Ijaza Program” is an online free course provided by “Al-Azhar Quran Teaching” to non-Arab Muslims and new reverts who are interested in having Ijaza so that they can recite the Noble Quran properly and teach it to other learners.

– The other type of Ijaza is for memorization of the whole Quran with Tajweed.  Ijaza is a certificate given by the Shaykh (Quran scholar) to the Quran student. It states that the students have recited the whole Quran precisely with Tajweed rules, and they are now connected to the Sanad (the exact way the Prophet used to recite Quran) of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH).

In this course, learners of the online Ijazah programme can have Ijazah from a certified Quran scholar. It can be an Ijazah for reciting the Noble Quran with the Quran rules which is Tajweed, or Ijazah of Hifz (memorizing the Noble Quran) After the learner recites the whole Quran applying the rules of Tajweed, then the Imam grants him/her Ijaza so that he/she can teach Quran to others.  

.. The ijazah of Hifz (memorizing the Noble Quran) is granted to the learners who have memorized the whole Quran with the Tajweed rules being applied. If you are interested in having Ijazah for teaching the Noble Quran or any other aims, just enroll your name in Al-Azhar Quran teaching and meet the Imam who will help you take the Ijazah.

Al Azhar Quran Teaching provides a course through which you can obtain Ijaza (certification) from authenticated Imam after you manage to recite the Whole Quran by applying the rules of Tajweed.

Another form of Ijazah is the one for memorization: if you memorize the whole Quran with Tajweed and recite it to the Imam by heart, you will be granted your Ijazah of memorizing.

You can use the Ijazah for teaching Quran to other learners.

This course is highly recommended for those who can recite the Noble Quran with Tajweed or for those who memorize the whole Quran with tajweed.

All tutors teaching in this course have graduated from Al-Azhar University in Cairo.

You have the choice to determine the suitable time for you to start your course online Quran classes. The classes can be held either with video or voice calls with the tutor.

At the end of this online course, the certified Imams of al Azhar Quran Teaching give you a certification of Ijaza which enables you to teach the Holy Quran with Tajweed to other learners and help them memorize it.   

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