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Tafseer online classes (explanation of the Holy Quran)

Explanation of the Holy Quran “Tafseer Online Classes” is an online course presented by “al-Azhar Quran Teaching” to non-Arab Muslims and new reverts. The online course is mainly dedicated to explaining the meanings of the words of the Holy Quran by the qualified tutors of “al-Azhar Quran Teaching.” The tutors start the online “Tafseer” course

Duaa Course

Duaa Course Azkar is the supplications that Muslim says in different and specific times seeking refuge with God and asking for His protection. There are different times that Muslims should say specific supplications and also any supplications he/she wants to seek forgiveness and mercy of Allah. So, there are the supplications of the morning; its

Quran for Kids

quran for kids Rights of Kids in Islam quran for kids Islam defines many duties upon Muslim parents towards their kids.  Quran for kids on the Day of Judgment. And because kids represent the true wealth of Muslim society, and the real treasure kept for the future, Islam imposes abundant rights for kids upon their parents.