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Online Arabic for Special Needs

arabic Course Online

Online Arabic for Special Needs Learning the Arabic language is the window for non-Arabs to recognise the Arab culture and build bridges of communicating with Arabs in different fields such as religion, literature, business, and art. Therefore, learning Arabic is very interesting and essential for non-Arabs whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims, especially those who

Learn Quran with Tajweed Learn Quran with tajweed – Learn tajweed online – Quran reading with tajweed

Learn Quran with Tajweed  Learn tajweed online Learn tajweed online. You either need a translator tool or dictionary to help you understand the meaning, but you also need a text speller to read words in the mentioned language. Assuming that you are reading these books and magazines which are written by humans, that may contain

Duaa Course

Duaa course and Prayer Course

Duaa Course Azkar is the supplications that Muslim says in different and specific times seeking refuge with God and asking for His protection. There are different times that Muslims should say specific supplications and also any supplications he/she wants to seek forgiveness and mercy of Allah. So, there are the supplications of the morning; its