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New Muslim and “Revert” Course Online

New Muslim and “Revert” Course OnlineEmbracing Islam is always a big‏‏ important step; a new phase of life is starting. It means a lot of changing and challenges because it involves a person breaking through his past beliefs. Consequently, Allah rewards such people by forgiving all their past sins and starting their accounts anew. Contemplate

Classical Arabic (Fusha)

Classical Arabic Fusha   This online course provides a comprehensive learning approach to help students learn all aspects of the Arabic language including reading, writing, listening and speaking. This course is excellent for beginners, those looking forward to traveling and communicating with others. In this course, students will learn the standard Arabic language; the language

Online Arabic for Special Needs

Online Arabic for Special Needs Learning the Arabic language is the window for non-Arabs to recognize the Arab culture and build bridges of communicating with Arabs in different fields such as religion, literature, business, and art. Therefore, learning Arabic is very interesting and essential for non-Arabs whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims especially those who