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Why online Quran learning is the best

Why online Quran learning is the best? Technological advancements In the past years, the learning process adopts traditional ways of conveying information from tutor to students, ways range from well-equipped classrooms, supported with whiteboard and markers to a data projector, that was then introduced to display educational slides, students have to stand in bad weather


What is Ramadan? Ramadan is an Arabic month which is considered to be a divine gift from Allah (SWT) to all Muslims on Earth. All faithful Muslims are longing for reaching Ramadan and praying to be able to get the most spiritual benefits from the blessed month. They receive it with delighted hearts which are

new muslim

Are you a new Muslim? Are you going to embrace Islam? Are you searching for happiness? Peace, mercy, and blessings of Allah be upon you (Assalm Alikoum wrahmtu Allah wbaraktu). This is our greeting in Islam; peace, mercy, and blessings. O respected readers, our topic for today is about new Muslims, why they choose Islam?