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neyyah in islam

Neyyah in Islam    Neyyah, intention, is the most important part of all of the Muslims’ deeds. Before performing any of the...
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learning quran for beginners

learning quran for beginners  Etiquettes of reading Quran learning quran for beginners When you start reading Quran you should be clean, to proceed...
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Pleasures of Learning

Pleasures of Learning Allah has bestowed abundant gifts upon human; sight, hearing, speech, intellect and lots of blessings. We should appreciate and...
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Ramadan What is Ramadan? Ramadan is an Arabic month which is considered to be a divine gift from Allah (swt) to all...
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Ways to defeat Shaitan

Ways to defeat Shaitan alazharquranteaching Ways to defeat Shaitan Allah has created mankind, angels and Jinn as he mentioned in the Quran, mankind...
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