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islam and honesty

    ISLAM AND HONESTY Honesty was one of the prophet (PUH) characteristics. He was called the truthful and the trustworthy. Islam

speak Arabic language

How to speak Arabic language Learning Arabic language is very important for no-Arab Muslims to understand Islam, grasp its spiritual side and
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learning quran for beginners

learning quran for beginners learning quran for beginners is the Creator’s mercy that was meant to heal the hearts of the truth

quran institute

Quran Institute   Quran for Muslims is the divine word which was revealed to Prophet Muhammad PBUH. Quran is not just a

quranic arabic course

  Quranic Arabic Course The importance of learning Quran   Quranic Arabic Course  Allah the Almighty revealed Holy Quran to prophet Muhammad, peace

Learning Arabic quickly

  Arabic language and it’s importance Language is one of the connection ways between all people from different places and cultures and

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