Arabic and Islamic Educational Books

Arabic and Islamic Educational Books

Islamic Educational Books

Islamic and Arabic educational books are one of the basic sources of the process of learning about Islam and Arabic language. Learning through reading or listening to a teacher reading an educational book is an effective way of acquiring knowledge and practicing listening to Arabic language.

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching provides a very interesting series of books about learning Arabic, Tajweed and Islamic studies for non Arab students all over the world.

The series of lqra Arabic Reader includes gradual workbooks for six levels. It includes free online drills and activities to provide for students more practice of reading and acquiring Arabic language. Teachers work as supervisors and guides to help the non-Arab students answer questions online and correct themselves. Teachers also assign some of the activities as homework for the students to have more practice in non-lesson times.

The series of online Islamic studies is presented in twelve levels by teachers of al-Azhar Quran Teaching. The series includes teaching the basics of Islam and it teachings such as learning Tawheed (monotheism), Aqeeda (faith doctrine), the five pillars of Islam, fiqh (jurisprudence), Seerah (Prophet Muhammad’s merits and traditions), the Messengers and the Books of Allah, how to perform wudu (ablution) and the five daily prayers. Islamic etiquette such as using the right hand, how to eat, how to drink, how to use the toilet and good manners required for Muslims.

The series also teach students the most important supplication to be memorized and recited daily. The teachers help the non Arab students to memorize the daily supplications in Arabic and understand their meanings.

Teachers of al-Azhar Quran Teaching read the series of books online for the students and help them understand any point they find it difficult. Students learn while listening to teachers reading and explaining the meanings needed. There are some exercises given by teachers at the end of every online class to cover the most important points in the lesson.

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