about me

my name is  amr  i’m a senior student at the faculty of languages and translation.

career :

I started my career 3 years ago when I met an English guy called Luke .

And he asked me to teach him Arabic and when I do this he teaches me English this was like exchange

languages. Also I have taken a lot of courses in my life the first one was an English course

after I reach to a good level in English I moved to the next step which is acquiring the

practical skills by participating in a lot of student activities in different places 1-the first one

was working as English instructor and designer for the material then academic and

presenter on Sabeel team in AUC

And was my best team was Ahlan which give the opportunity to move in quick way to m y

achieve my dream because he give the opportunity meet the foreigners and try to convince

them with Islam

I have taken TEFL course from all talent center and I love the online courses so much so I

have take TESOL course and I certified from Arizona university on USA .also I have taken a

course from British council of how to teach for kids online course

Also according to my studies on al-Azaher University I have studied more than 10 years on

Islamic studies "Tafsir, Hadith the tale of the prophet Mohamed, Tajweed ,doctrin In

addition to this I went to one of the famous sheikhs to continue my Islamic studies

And I finish memorizing the holy quean with my sheikh Ahmed Zaki

I have been teaching holy Qur'an for more than 5 years until now different ages

Also I worked with Egyptian institute as a teacher of holy Quran and It was a good

opportunity for me to teach different ages of people from USA so I to teach adults and also

sometime s kids.

And I have taken training with them so it helped me a lot

And now I work as instructor of English with Egypt center academy which its headquarters

on London