All you would need to know about learning Quran online

All you would need to know about learning Quran online

In this busy schedule, it becomes quite difficult for people to visit the mosque every day and learn the Quran. It’s either time or situation which is not convenient, but that should not stop us from embracing the knowledge of the Islamic holy book. The progress in technology has solved many problems, and now anyone can learn Quran online from wherever and whenever you want. You can now easily learn Quran and even watch your children learn the same from the convenience of your home from; you would only need a computer along with good Internet speed.

The objective of the program

The main goal that is involved behind making online Quran courses at is enlightening people with the knowledge that this holy book has to offer. When you come to learn Quran online here, you would see that the program is designed in a manner that it would give you all the knowledge that you want without putting up a burden on you. And by the end of the program, you would also be able to read and write Arabic in a proficient way that would act as a cherry on the cake.

Description of the program

The online Quran program at comes with detailed study material and supervision by expert professionals. Our teachers give individual attention to each of the students, which would make your learning experience much easier. After course completion, you would need to go through a test so that our experts can assess your understanding, and based on that you would also be an issue with a certificated recognized by the designated authority.

Eligibility of the students

You need not have any previous or exclusive eligibility to learn the Quran. All you need is a willingness to learn Arabic and of course, the holy Quran. Whether it’s intermediate level to the advanced level, from a kid to a grown up adult, anyone can take up this online course and learn to read Quran with ease.

Technology made it easier

Undoubtedly, technology, like many other things, has made learning the Quran very easy. With the advent of high-speed Internet and smooth applications, you can now come face to face with people living in different geographies; there has been a remarkable increase in the popularity of online classes. To start learning Quran online at al-kotab-online, you would need a computer with Internet, a headset with a microphone and an interactive platform like Skype. With interactions at Skype, you can not only communicate with your tutors and also share screens to show different things that the tutors want to show you. Basically, with our online classes, you would not miss the essence of a live class. We offer free trial sessions of online Quran classes for fresher’s so that they can attend them and make their decision of whether the classes would suit their preferences or not.

Benefits of learning Quran online

Before you start to learn Quran online, you should be aware of its benefits so that you can confidently make your choice. Some of the advantages include:

  • As mentioned before, the main goal behind online Quran classes is providing convenience to people joining. You need not worry about getting late or rushing to the class; you can sit comfortably wherever you want and at any time in a day to learn about the holy book. You would not have to adjust any of your schedules to learn the sacred book.
  • You would not have to worry about the learning process or the quality of our classes. Individual teachers are appointed so that all the doubts of each of our students can be cleared and they can learn everything in details.
  • Our courses are designed in such a way that your interest is best kept in mind. All the coursework is done here according to your convenience, and our sole priority lies in your deep understanding and learning of the subject.
  • If you learn Quran online at our website, you will see that the learning product is much easier and more profound. It is due to the fact that one teacher is assigned per students. This will help you to clear your doubts, and our experienced teachers will be fully able to teach you more attentively.
  • The course structure that is included in our online programs starts from the most basic level and goes up to the most advanced level. You can opt your course level as per your current knowledge. The age of the person does not matter here; what matters is your willingness to gain understanding about the book.
  • Along with all the above benefits, you can also consider the fact that if you learn Quran online at our website, it would be a very affordable choice for you. Our website has different options of payment methods; you can choose the one that is most suitable for you so that you can learn in details about this holy book.

Things to be kept in mind

Before you begin learning about the holy book online at, you should know about certain things that would help you to make your decision:

  • It is essential to learn the Quran from experienced people only. We have dedicated teachers who are experienced and have been working as a Quran teacher for a long time and hence, you would not have to worry about the quality of teachings.
  • Our professionals who would be teaching the students are highly qualified to solve all the queries. This also includes communicating because not all students are extroverts; thus the teachers ensure that they have conveyed their teachings to the student at the other end of the screen. You would not need to worry about anything.



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