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about us

From where did our idea come?

Actually, Al-Azhari Quran Teaching Online is keen on selecting the best teachers who graduated Al-Azhar University which is one of the ancient universities in the whole world as it is considered an extension of Al-Azhar Mosque which was founded in Egypt in 971 CE/359 AH, and became the main center for learning Islamic sciences, and Arabic language.

Our Mission…

Al-Azhar Quran Teaching Online seeks to help those who want to recite and understand the Quran, and who want to learn Arabic language, regardless of the age and the nationality.
Thus, our mission is as follows:
To offer a distinctive educational system regarding the teachers, curriculum, and educational methods;
-To provide a model of integrated, modern, and interactive distance learning;

Our Teachers

The classes are for anyone with a desire to learn Arabic from the Glorious Quran. From children who first discover the beauty of the Quran to older people who are starting on their path to spiritual maturity, as well as those who want to maintain and refresh their skills.
We ask Allah (SWT) to accept our efforts to teach the Quran and help others on their journey to seek knowledge of Islam in order to get closer to Allah (SWT). May every word we utter grant us Allah’s Pleasure and help us attain the most blessed reward of Jannah.

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