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About Al Azhar Quran Teaching

 Al Azhar Quran Teaching

 Al-Azhar Quran Teaching An electronic bridge that links you to the source of teaching Arabic language and the Holy Quran as it was revealed to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

From where did our idea come?

Our blessed Messenger (pbuh) had spent the first few years of his life in Halima Al-Sa‘dyya’s house, for the Arabs in past days used to send their babies to the desert where the nomads lived, in order for them to learn Arabic language from this reliable source; which gave us inspiration for the idea of Al-Azhari Quran Teaching Online.  If we are not able to go to places where we can learn Arabic from native speakers, or send our children thereto, why don’t we learn from them at home, by way of the internet, if this is possible?

Al-Azhari Quran Teaching Online will sincerely and carefully select the best and well qualified  teachers who graduated Al-Azhar University, which is one of the most ancient universities in the entire world.  It is considered an extension of Al-Azhar Mosque which was founded in Egypt in the year 971 CE/359 AH, and became the main center for learning Islamic sciences, and Arabic language.

Our Mission:

  • To offer a distinctive educational system regarding the teachers, curriculum, and educational methods.
  • To provide a model of integrated, modern, and interactive distance learning.
  • To make learning the Quran and Arabic easily accessible for those who are eager to seriously learn them, so Al-Azhari Quran Teaching Online is keen on making these services available for everyone. 

Prerequisites of joining us:

If you are interested in joining thousands of students from all over the world, you only need to love the Arabic language and wish to study the Quran,  and  be enthusiastic about learning.   Actually, we are keen on making learning easy for all serious students.  Finally, we ask Allah, the Exalted and Almighty, to bless the efforts of teaching and learning of the Quran and the language in which it was revealed, and we ask Him to grant us sincerity and success, and to guide us.

Our Teachers


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