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December 2017

quran learning

quran learning Quran Learning for Kids Quran is the Muslims’ divine revelation and constitution for life. All true Muslims believe that the

islam and honesty

ISLAM AND HONESTY Honesty was one of the prophets (PUH) characteristics. He was called the truthful and the trustworthy. Islam is distinguished

Ijizah Programme

  IJAZAH  PROGRAMME Definitions of Ijaza: – The linguistic meaning of Ijaza is permission. As for the technical meaning, it refers to

speak Arabic language

How to speak the Arabic language Learning the Arabic language is very important for no-Arab Muslims to understand Islam, grasp its spiritual

etiquettes reading quran

  Etiquettes of reading Quran Quran is the true word of God that He revealed to Prophet Muhammad (Peace and blessings be
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learning quran for beginners

learning quran for beginners learning quran for beginners is the Creator’s mercy that was meant to heal the hearts of the truth

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