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May 2017

Medical benefits of Taraweeh

Medical benefits of Taraweeh medical benefits of Taraweeh As we are approaching Ramadan, holy month, we need to struggle with ourselves to

Ways to defeat Shaitan

Ways to defeat Shaitan alazharquranteaching Ways to defeat Shaitan Allah has created mankind, angels, and Jinn as he mentioned in the Quran, mankind

Why online Quran learning is the best

Why online Quran learning is the best? Technological advancements In the past years, the learning process adopts traditional ways of conveying information

memorize quran online

memorize quran online Practical tips to memorize Quran Memorize Quran online is a dream of every Muslim/Muslimah that wishes to come true

learn arabic online

Learn Arabic Online Learn Arabic Online. Also, the Arabic language is considered one of the top 10 most widely spoken languages worldwide,

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